Project Girl.

It was very slow at work this morning when my manager took me aside and showed me a piece of paper where she had written down my sales results of last week, the new targets she set out for me and how she wanted me to better my sales techniques. I felt slightly uncomfortable, like I wasn’t doing things properly. Then reminded myself I was the new girl and there are still a thousand ways I can improve. So I got involved, asked questions and was genuinely interested in this hyper-session. A. then asked me to pick up everything in the store that I was curious about. “Whether you like the clothes or not, pick them up.”

I ended up with a pile of stuff, some of them I thought were lovely but would never suit me, some of them I thought were ugly as shit but so many customers bought them I felt like I was missing out on something, and everything in the middle. Then A. said: “now go and try them”. When I entered the fitting rooms with my pile, A. shouted at me: “did you choose some cozzies?!”

Me: “huh what?”

A.: “cozzies, swimmers doll”

Me: “hmm bathing suits?”

A.: “yeah!”

I hadn’t. So she went and picked some up for me. Funnily enough, out of the hundred ‘cozzies’ the store has, she choose some that I had been attracted to. I was beginning to understand that she was a boss in knowing what people would like or look good in.

A couple of days ago, she was rummaging through some new stock, pulled out a simple but classy white tank top [Paint it red – Venus singlet] and told me to try it on. Even though I would never have noticed that top by myself, I did as ordered and I have to admit it looked quite good. She was ecstatic over it and did not give me much choice in whether I should buy it and wear it that night. I did. It worked wonders that evening. And I’ve gotten a multitude of compliments every time I wore it so far.

Today I remain sceptical on some of the things I tried on. Like some black one-piece shorts that my mom could’ve worn (category : ugly as shit pile but selling). A. said it looked amazing. I didn’t believe her.

But those 2 little numbers I fell for… and my boss wouldn’t have let me out of the shop if I hadn’t bought the whole attire.

surfection girl 1

Top: Element – Shannon singlet Natural

Shorts: Billabong – Laneway Aztec (Category: lovely but would never suit me)

surfection girl 2

Dress: Tallow – Pop pier Dress Cream (Category: lovely but would never suit me)

Later on in the day A. told me I had been the 4th best salesperson of the group in the region last week.

I wasn’t the new girl that she was trying to conform to standards. I was becoming her little project.

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