When I ended my story with Australian boy no2 (turns out the romance was meaningless and short-lived) I directly asked myself why I was repeating the same pattern as frog no1 from not too long ago? Yes I am making a frog and princess analogy here.

At first I tend to think that it’s so easy with Aussie boys, I do nothing and they just come and get me, and I let them. But when I start getting involved and passionate then everything slowly crumbles down and I find out they didn’t want anything too serious. Yes I had The Talk. The Talk didn’t go too well. I still hate The Talk.

And when I found out it was definitely over and there was no going back, of course I went out, got drunk, and ended up kissing a French boy.

By the end of the night, Frenchie called me his girlfriend. How significantly different this whole experience was…

And everything was easy, I knew what every move he made meant, I knew how to play, I knew those rules. Because I’ve always played by those rules. But of course, I wasn’t interested in being serious with Frenchie. He was just… too… French…

A couple of nights after that, I coincidentally meet up with the guy I had kissed once while getting over frog no1. You can probably guess what happened… yes we kissed again. I was less drunk this time so I could appreciate how cute and funny he was. He was also a very good kisser but something didn’t quite click so, same as Frenchie, I decided to call it a night (but accepted a breakfast date a couple of days later).

When I woke up this morning I realised I was also making the exact same rebound pattern I had done with frog no1… If this goes on, maybe I can predict that the next guy I’m going to meet is going to seduce me very quickly, and in about a month time when I’ve invested enough emotion and thoughts into it, he’s going to tell me he’s not interested in having a girlfriend, and me, instead of being heartbroken and ponder on what went wrong, I’d just shrug it off and go have fun. Too much fun maybe.

Let’s make a bet.

How do you break your patterns?

Red sunset


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