Why jump?

I had a very stable life back in France.

I had a very stable job, good friends, fun acquaintances, family, lived in a beautiful city…

So why did I decide to leave all of this behind?

The answer is very simple: I was miserable. This city wasn’t made for me, the weather was wearing me down, my family lived far from Paris and didn’t have much time to spare anyway, a monkey could be doing my job and I found everything in this lifestyle hard and complicated.

So I took a good look at my life, decided to leave it all behind and jump with a firm believe that everything could only turn out for the better on the other side of the world.

The sun, the beach, the people, the high pay checks…

Over 4 months in and I don’t regret my decision, though some things haven’t turned out to be what I expected at all.

I was desperate for a new lifestyle and hoped to insert myself in a group, or several groups, of ozzies and be a part of them.

Luckily enough I have been introduced to a good, fun, very smart bunch of people, mostly Australians, that were more than what I could dream of meeting.

But I forgot that I had to build relationships from scratch, with each and everyone of them, find out about their history, their group stories, how they interacted with each other, what was taboo, what were the rules… And since friendships are for me the root of a healthy lifestyle, this has been my toughest challenge yet, and a cultural difference I did not expect.

I have or will have everything else that I’ve yearned for, but to this day, I still miss my friends. The ones I could talk to about anything and everything, without any restraint because I know them and they know me, and in return I could counsel them or just listen to them.

For now, I miss having a deep and genuine connection with someone.

If you left everything behind, what would you miss most? And what would you gladly leave?



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