You know you live in Bondi when…

  1. You smell the sweet scent of jasmine and know that summer has arrived.
  2. You party every other night in summer (from September to may).
  3. You start using words like “reckon” and call strangers “mate”.
  4. The first thing you probably ask someone is : “how were the waves mate?”
  5. Burger Kings doesn’t exist. It’s called Hungry Jacks mate.
  6. They’re called Thongs. Not flip-flops
  7. Cozzies and boardies are the things you wear to go into the water.
  8. Macdonald’s doesn’t exist here either. It’s Maccas.
  9. You only come out of the Bondi bubble when it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise people always come to you.
  10. You cohabitate with cockroaches. Hell they’ve been part of the scenery longer than you have!
  11. You can redecorate your entire flat for free while taking a stroll in your neighbourhood.
  12.  Straight men can drink soy lattes.
  13. The word “westie” is an insult.
  14. Every other store and café is organic only.
  15.  On the rare occasions you take the bus to the city, you are shocked when 2 people carry a conversation in English.
  16. You have a very strong opinion about the origins and making of your coffee. Might as well for the price of it…
  17. You slip over on the jacaranda flowers littering the footpath.
  18. There’s sand in your bed, your bag, your shoes… and you don’t even notice anymore.

broken surf


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