There are moments in life that I look back on and think ‘oh this could make an amazing scene in a movie’. That has been happening quite a lot lately in this beautiful land of Oz, but more recently I’ve had two of those moments in one night.

Wednesday started very quietly as I wasn’t even sure I was going out. When I received a text from a colleague asking me to share a cab with her to attend a Billabong group staff party in Kings Cross. I went there with the dress and boots from the previous post.

Three concerts, free Afends clothes, and A LOT of boys. My manager, always looking out for his staff, even came to me and said: “maybe you can find someone here tonight…” I went very red in the face. My boss pimping me out. Ew. No. Way.

I left around midnight to go to the Bondi Hotel and meet some French backpacker who came at the store a couple of times. Now I really don’t like that place, but tonight the terrace was packed and the French guy and his Irish friend were nice. That’s when I meet J. , a 21 year old Australian skater who convinced me he could teach me how to skate. I tried skating down Campbell parade, falling on my ass quite a few times before running straight into the bowl of the Bondi skate park overlooking the sea. I lay there in the middle, watching the stars and listening to the crashing waves while J. was skating around me. I was 16 in the movie Lords of Dogtown. My old teenage self was so jealous.

When I decided I was now bored to be a teenager I said goodbye to skater boy, promised to call him so he could give me surf lessons and lost his number.

I made my way back to the hostel where the French and Irish backpackers were staying. Another frenchie had joined them and well, 4 is a party.

Dawn was upon us when frenchie no2 and I decided to go to the beach. I had never seen a sunrise before in Bondi and thought it would be a good idea to jump into the ocean as well. The water was surprisingly warm, frenchie’s emerald eyes were glowing, and I was skipping through the waves, my gaze locked on the rising sun and the early morning surfers. We would’ve been great actors in any chick flick where the love story starts with a sunrise on the beach (can’t think of any right now but you might).

We fell asleep on the sand for a little while before the boiling sun woke me up and I decided I wanted to go home. I said goodbye to frenchie, promised to never call or text him and kept that promise.

Live in the moment.

Bondi sunset


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