Realisation no1: stop taking things for granted.

When people used to compliment me, I usually replied something like: “aw that’s such a lie” or “yeah hmm I don’t think so”. Then my step-mom walked in my life and after observing my behaviour told me to accept them gracefully because it would actually make me believe them and be more grateful. So last night when one of my friends introduced me as: “I met Stella cause she was seeing one of my mates. Turns out she’s cooler than he is.” I laughed real hard and said thank you with all my heart. And poof I felt happier.

I was working at the store today (less hungover than expected after that night a Frankie’s) when a girl walked in and asked my boss for a job. After she left I asked D. what he thought of her. To which he answered: “She reminded me of you in the sense that I wanted to give her a job on the spot.” And my reaction to that was: “aaaaawwwwww that is sooo sweet!”

To tell the truth, I thought that the longer I’d work in a tiny shop, the more boring it would get (just like my job at Abercrombie & Fitch in Paris), but it’s actually the opposite. I love the team more and more, I love the way the store is managed, I think the way I’ve been taught to treat customers and make sales is pretty amazing (A&F should learn a thing or two from Billabong), and I generally just feel happy at the end of the day from having meet so many lovely people. Also I LOVE the clothes…

Alright that was me acknowledging the amazing things I have been taking for granted lately aaaannnd a big dose of much needed self-inflated ego.

Realisation no2: Things come in threes.

Today one of my colleagues was telling me about another romantic misfortune that had happened to her. And without thinking I said: “Well don’t worry about it anymore, this is the third asshole that has done that to you. And since things come in threes, now you’re free, on to the next story.” And on that brilliant note I felt sad for myself as I had been through only two genuinely disrespectful douchebags, and thought “damn it, there’s another one to go…”

Couple of minutes later I had a realisation: I had had another disturbingly heartless cunt story back in Paris right before I left. YEAY !!!!!

I am now free of those machos! Hmm what next? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!

Realisation no3: I like the smell of rain on a hot summer day.

Well… that’s it… I had to find something since things come in threes!

Bondi from the sea


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