Better than the Thrift Shop

30kg was all I could bring with me on my journey across the world. Actually that’s a lie, I brought 10kg more than was allowed… Still, try packing your life in 40 kg. I can tell you, it’s not that easy.

But it was very important to me to bring things that reminded me of my grandmother. So I took some light things, the gorgeous necklace and ring she left me on her will, a deck of Jack Daniel’s playing cards from San Francisco she probably bought in the 70’s and a swimsuit. Yes a Cozzie! Because Granny was incredibly fashionable, I love wearing her clothes from the 60’s and the 70’s.

This particular swimsuit was bought somewhere in South America around that time when she visited my grandfather who was then working in Brazil.

It’s 100% cotton, and the laces on the sides are simple blue, yellow and red wool threads. If it was made in lycra, like most bikinis are made of today, it would never have survived over 40 years of salt water and swimming pool chlorine. Luckily the fabric is intact and I was able to take it on its first australian dip today! I was just afraid it might be completely see-through once in the water… thankfully the patterns cover exactly what needs to be covered.

What do you think of this vintage bikini?

Granny's Bikini


Think like Jack


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