The taming of the shrew.

So my friends in France are a little concerned about me and ask me to be careful. I’ve been partying quite a bit lately and they think I shouldn’t be so intense.

Let’s rewind.

I remember the times when I was sucked into a party frenzy the two last European summers and truthfully, it didn’t exactly end well.

In 2011, my oldest friend came to Paris for 2 months where she was living with a boy in a tiny flat. Most nights ended up being the three of us crashing in the one bed. We were living in our own tiny bubble of tequila and pastas. By the end of August, the infatuation I had with some guy blew up in my face, my friends left Paris and I turned to Abercrombie and Fitch to pay my bills.

Summer 2012, I made friends with a girl from A&F. Really really good friends. We never left each other’s side and neither did the bottles of rosé. We spent most nights in a club where I would get free liquor from an American bartender. At the end of that summer, I’d had so many infatuations I’d lost count. But she hooked up with one of them, so I decided to stop being her friend.

Now it’s the beginning of summer here in Australia, and in less than a week I managed to: turn up drunk at work after Halloween at Frankie’s, spent a whole night on a yacht (arriving at work completely phased out and sleep deprived on Sunday), and drinking the Australian version of champagne all day at the Melbourne Cup races on Tuesday.

That’s a lot of toxicity in my body. Agreed.

But honestly, who’d spend Halloween at home and turn down the opportunity to play the rock star at a killer live bar? Who in their right mind would say no to a party on a private boat, watching the fireworks over the Harbour Bridge while sailing into the harbour? And who wouldn’t want to get dolled up, flower in hair, and make money betting on pretty little horses?

I’m not saying I had no choice. I could have said no, be a good girl and save up money. But really, I didn’t come to the other side of the world not to enjoy myself and let such amazing opportunities of fun times and friends go to waste.

And there hasn’t been [much] drama for now.

May it remain that way because I don’t feel like stopping the party frenzy right now.

Fingers crossed.

Kings of the world


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