That Girl’s got crazy rhythm

At the end of the first day of my newly acquired internship, I badly wanted to pull a sickie for the next morning.

I had a billabong staff Christmas party that Monday night and I didn’t go. That’s how bad I felt.

Did not think that sitting down at a desk for 7 hours straight and hardly talking to the small team the start-up consisted of would take such a toll on me. I really did not want to wake up for work the next day.

The interview thought had got me really excited. First a video-call on Wednesday that resulted in a face to face meeting on Thursday morning and I got offered the PR/marketing part-time internship right on the spot. Me. A girl who’s never done PR OR marketing in her life. This felt important. I was crazy stressed out, the new business seemed really interesting and very promising. The job I was assigned however, could not be more boring. I was gathering and stocking numbers on excel sheets all day long. And the boss clearly asked me not to ask too many questions cause he was a busy man. Wait… aren’t bosses supposed to say the opposite? “Please don’t hesitate to ask questions” was the sentence I was most used to.

So when I came home that night I was strained and bored and couldn’t believe I had to settle for that kind of job in my land of opportunities. Then Cosmic Assistance kicked in. In my emailbox, was a proposition for another part-time internship that I’d interviewed for weeks before. The boss was a writer/actor/director that had set up his own production company and wanted to launch an application-series for Iphones. I agreed to meet him and his PR manager for coffee that Thursday to see if it was worth for me to make the jump.

I did. Three days in my internship I quit and got on board that new project.

So maybe this was less stable and didn’t offer sponsorship, at least I knew what I was in for. And actually got way more than expected. On production site everyday, cameras, sets, crew… I am home. My PR manager is a great teacher and has gone out of her way to make this experience fun and valuable for me. Also she is Singaporean, which made us bond very quickly! And not to mention the boss offered me a small part in one of the episodes.

I could not have dreamt to find something so close to what I love to do in life.

Every other days of the week I’m still working at the surf shop, going for a swim in the morning and heading to work in my bikinis, soy ice-coffee in hand (from my fav coffee place, the Atlas Kiosk.)

So I have a day off once every blue moon? I keep my energy pumping by going straight for drinks after work, if not in the city, then at Bucket List. Gotta love that shimmering sunset light over Bondi beach while sipping fresh ciders.

I ❤ Bondi


Oh and Happy Chrissy xoxo

happy chrissy_effected

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