Cosmic Things

I find it funny how every decision I make, even the smallest, can affect anything in my life.

Saturday afternoon after work, I decided to take a different path home. Consequently I ran into a Billabong colleague. She and her boyfriend offered to drop me off. Once in the car they told me they had to pick up a friend in Bronte first. 2min later, the friend gets in the car. 3 min later the friend tells me he is a journalist for a radio station in Sydney. 3.15 min later I ask him for an internship. We exchange phone numbers and he tells me he’ll talk to his boss and get back to me on Monday. Monday night, he actually calls (I never thought he would) and tells me they are looking for staff. Real jobs, not just internships, and we make plans to meet up after New Year’s to talk about it.

No idea where this will lead, but this possible opportunity would never have been possible if I hadn’t gotten into that car. Weird hey.

Then Sunday something even weirder happened.

I was working at Surfection when this gorgeous guy walks in. I only saw him very briefly but my mind went “oh wow, he looks a lot like this guy I knew in high school”. I spent the next 5 mins just staring at his back, pondering. Then he slightly turned around and I froze. It was him. No doubt about it. My heart was pounding, my face went red, I was all flustered.

Junior year, my last year in Singapore, a couple of girlfriends and I went out a lot, and somehow always bumped into the same crew of American boys. Stuff, flings, crushes happened between some of the boys and us girls, but nothing ever happened between that boy and me even though I had a major crush on him.

I tell one of my colleagues and he goes: “If you don’t talk to him I will!!” Completely panicked and looking for a way in, I try to help American boy and his friend as any good salesperson would. But his friend brushes me off every time I get close. “No we don’t need help”, “No we don’t need changerooms”. Aaaahhhh

When they’re about to leave I finally intercept him.

“HEY! You’re A. aren’t you??”

Blank face “yes…”

“… I’m… Stella… from Singapore?”

Blank face “Stella from Singapore….”

Me panicked: “hmmm what are you doing in Bondi??”

“My family lives here, and you? When did you live in Singapore?”

Me internally freaking out as he clearly still had no idea who I was: “well I live here now, I left SG when I was 17” (and you tried to fix me up with your friend on my last party night in SG!)

Blank face: “So do you go out often in Bondi?”

Me:” Hum yeah, a little too much…”

Unmoved: “Ok cool well maybe see you around then. Bye.”

CRINGE. Biggest cringe in my life. Well… maybe not but OMG really??? REALLY?????

Completely devastated that American boy (well Australian boy it seems…) hadn’t the slightest recollection of me, I start bitching about him and his rude friend with my colleague.

10 min later I receive a message on Facebook.

“Stella! So sorry… Blablabla… You look fantastic… blablabla… phone number… blablabla… drinks… xo”

OMG! Yessssssssssss! Yes yes yessssssss. Hahahaha.

7 years overdue…

But that’s not all Cosmic Assistance has been throwing my way lately.

Monday night, on my way to go for drinks with a friend, I bump into one of my colleague’s girlfriend. I invite her to join us at Bucket List later on. Which she does. I realise that the next night is New Year’s Eve and I still hadn’t decided what I was doing. I wasn’t excited about any of my plans and honestly I couldn’t care less for NYE, too much expectation, too much planning, two things I hate. Sweetly, Jackie invites me to her parent’s home in Rosebay from where the famous Sydney Fireworks could be seen. Another thing people were getting excited about and I wasn’t: getting up at 6am to secure a spot to be able to watch 30 seconds of fireworks. Really???? You couldn’t pay me to do this. But I gladly accepted Jackie’s invitation. Watching the fireworks in such ideal conditions would be a must. And it was. Her parent’s house was more of a mansion than a house, with a garden overseeing the harbour, the champagne was flowing and the people were lovely. It reminded me a lot of the New Years Eves my family would spend in Singapore. But with a better view. It was an unexpected wonderful night to remember and hopefully 2014 will continue the same way.

I wish everyone to have such lovely surprises throughout 2014 and to feel as blessed as I do.

Xoxo. From Bondi with love.

My baby Georgia_effected


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