Totes Inaprobs.

When my high school American boy crush waltzed out of my life as fast as he waltzed in, I was feeling a tad low. A good surfing lesson would’ve made my world better (I’ve only just started to learn and I’m already hooked on it. So hooked I bought a board after my first lesson!) but the Bondi waves were no good for a beginner like me this morning. So instead I was counting on the help of my colleagues, and boy did they do the trick. I had the brilliant idea of wearing a People VS. white men’s singlet. Without a bra. (this is actually becoming quite a thing for me) First costumer that comes in goes: “Oh I like your shirt.”

My manager goes: “Do you like the shirt or the fact that you can almost see her boobs through it?”

Dear god….

The costumer went bright red and said: “Oh the shirt… I haven’t read what’s on it…”

My sassy boss: “Exactly…”

After making me feel completely inappropriate I told her I was going to get my bra (I had it with me, just couldn’t be bothered to put it on after my swim) and she went: “Oh hell no, we’ll get more sales that way!” Lord…

Later on my colleague Tali shouts through the store and asks my other colleague: “Mikey!! What size T-shirt do you wear??”

Mike: “Extra-large. But I like it really big”

Me joining in: “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!”

Mike bursts out laughing while the other costumers look at me like I’m a freak. Uho. I went bright red in the face.

Later in the day a costumer that I was serving earlier comes back in the store, walks straight up to me as if on a mission and goes: “ I don’t usually do this but, do you wanna go for drinks sometimes?” Me completely taken aback: “hmmm oh… did not see that coming…. Hmmm…Well…. Yeah sure why not.” Still fazed out I gave him my number (all the while thinking: you’re quite hot, but still, that’s never going to happen). When he left, my first instinct was of course to tell my colleagues and when Tali laughed at my bewilderment, I went: “It’s the side boobs I tell ya. I should do this more often” haha. Not.

All this completely inappropriate nonsense made the day quicker and sunnier in my head. But what really made me the happiest person alive was when my boss invited me for a trip up the Central Coast with her next weekend. GIRLS SURFING TRIP Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!!

Xoxo From Bondi with Love OutfitIn the photo I’m wearing : Element – stitch short, chelsea blue/ Paint it Red – Venus Singlet/ Icon – young men dead necklace

The famous singlet I was wearing that day is that one: (coupled with the Element denim shorts above): THEPEOPLEVS-2


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