The Times they are A-Changing

Have you ever held a question in your mind, thinking hard about it and opened a book, or a newspaper?

Try it. You will find the answer to your question.

I’m guessing it’s probably why people read horoscopes. They hope and imagine it holds the answer to a problem. So I suppose it does. And the reason why people relate to some things they read. They want it to be about them, so be it.

Maybe it’s being very vain (insert background tune You’re so vain” by Carly Simon). Or maybe it’s just hoping to find an answer, whatever the question may be. If you are continuing to read, maybe you are looking for an answer here. If you have read my other posts, maybe you are relating or finding yourself in them. And if somebody you know is reading anything that you have read, they will read and internalize it differently than you have.

All I am hoping for is that you laughed. Because that is what this blog is about. Finding the quirky, awkward, delightful moments that rhythm my days and nights in this new land. I didn’t mean to start it that way to be honest. I was supposed to write a blog with a very good friend of mine who lives in Melbourne, and we wanted to dish out amazing places, tips, workouts, recipes and such girly stuff. Turns out my friend didn’t have time to do it, and I had already written all this material. And after a little stats digging, I found that the personal stories where the most popular ones, unlike all odds. Good thing though, because that is what I delight in writing.

So here we are people. I do hope I delight you with my dramas because there’s no point in having them if I have no one to share them with! And I do hope you are laughing. With me or at me, as long as you laugh! If not, seriously stop reading. It’s not worth it. Or maybe wait a little, there miiiight soon be a video of me pretty much humiliating myself and my blondeness (and my boss) for the purpose of the Hunter n’ Hornet series launch… Be patient…

(I can hear my dad saying from 16 000km away: “Please stop encouraging her, she’s just pretending to have blonde moments to entertain you” hmmm perhaps…)

Also it might be a while before something crazy happens to me as my Chinese horoscope predicts a very smooth sailing year of the Horse for us Snakes. Aaah yes my guilty pleasure and where I find my answers: once a year around Jan-February I read my Chinese horoscope. And it was pretty scary for 2013. And looking back on it, freakishly accurate (Or am I imagining it…?). You’d think the Snake year would be perfect omens for Snakes right? Wrong! Last year was predicted to be intense and chaotic. And oh boy what a rollercoaster ride it was. On all fronts, family, work(s), money, friends and well… boys. But this year, the romance, career and money Stars are shining upon the Snakes.

Maybe a little smooth sailing would be nice after all the crashing waves…


Who am I kidding. I wouldn’t be myself if nothing crazy happened to me aye. (And you guys would be bored;) )

Xoxo – from Bondi with Love


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