Stop the world I wanna get off with you.

It was Australia day and I had no plans for the night. I honestly just thought I was going home after work at Surfection, too shattered to do anything anyway. By the middle of the day I had received 3 invitations. Clearly I had to say yes to at least one. So I went with my guts and picked the most random one. A barbeque in Bronte with my colleague from Surf Dive and Ski and her journalist friend mentioned previously. I had the most enchanting time listening to Triple J hottest 100 in the Bronte Park with that lovely bunch. I won the bet of who was going to win the no1 spot against Perrie my new journalist friend. In order to complete his bet, a part of the group headed back to his place. And what a place. With an architect as a father, P. lived in a mansion overlooking the beach. He himself had the lower part of the house, study, lounge-room, bedroom, terrace and swimming pool no less.

After completing his 3 double shots of 3 different alcohols all mixed in one glass with an ounce of Coke, it was only 4 of us left, my gorgeous Swedish/American friend Malin, her boyfriend, and Perrie. Malin, jumped into the pool stark naked, as Swedish people do. And we all pretty much followed in her footsteps.

We were all lazily drunk and just happy. Such a lazy lazy bliss.

The next day I decided to join P. again at Bronte Beach for a change of scenery and quick hangover cure. Before the sun even started to set we headed back to Bondi’s very own Bucket List to drink to Malin’s last days in Oz. It was just the four of us again having a laugh and sips of sangrias. Then off to Bikini Bar for diner and then back to P.’s marvellous house in Bronte to end the night in front of the Grammy’s. Lazy lazy bliss.

I wish time had stopped then. Because Malin has left now and her boyfriend is leaving with her for a month. And those moments will probably never be re-created again.

Malin’s departure because of her visa expiration is a sharp unwelcomed wake up call to me. She is setting off back to San DIego, which isn’t the worst place to be sent back to mind you, but I won’t have such a leisury option if my visa runs out.

Such a stressful struggle to stay in this happy land.

As I was walking back home from a delightful surf session this morning, and grabbed coffee from my one and only place Atlas I couldn’t help but feel this surge of pure bliss and yet fear of losing all this in an instant.

Being sent back to cold grey France sounds like the ultimate punishment to me. Even Joni Mitchell said it in 1971 “I wouldn’t want to stay here, It’s too old and cold and settled in its ways here”. 40 years later it hasn’t changed.

Even if it did take me about 7 months to finally find my peace here and get into the groove, now that I have it, there is no way I am letting it go.

So I will head of to Western Australia for 3 months, do some regional work to claim my second Working Holiday visa, and cross my fingers to get sponsored in the next year.

Off to farming aye.

But will Bondi still be as blissful when I come back? So much has changed so quickly. How will it be in a couple of months?

So she said we’ll be here now. Now is all you need. And early in the morning when the sun came up, feel a part of everything.

Garrett Kato – Love is an advert.


Xoxo – from Bondi with Love


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