Sweet Valentine.

Hunter n Hornet‘s first episode of the full season is being released on Valentine’s day. So my boss came up with this idea to make a promotional video around V. day.

We brainstormed some ideas and this is the final product:

When I finished editing it and watched it all, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing hysterically, half in tears, when the british girl admits that valentine’s day is about sex and me going “this is what it’s really about”. Aaaahhh. As much as it was fun to ask people questions and make this video… It is so not my personality or personal belief that V. day is just about sex. So I decided to answer my own questions and let you guys know what the maker of the video really thinks. Here you go:

           What does Valentine’s Day represent to you?

In the fast paced environment of the city life, I feel like people could tend to forget to take the time to appreciate loved ones. That day can remind them to do something about it. It might be commercial, but it’s a good excuse.

           Do you think Valentine’s Day is about romance?

It can be.

          How much do you expect a guy to spend on Valentine’s Day?

Whatever he wants to. Nothing maybe.

          How much do you think he will actually spend?

I don’t have a boyfriend so nothing!

          Do you think he expects something in return? – What?

If there is a date prepared, I think we would both expect something at the end.

          Where will you be sleeping that night? – Why?

Again, IF, his or mine. Because I should hope that I would want to be with him.

          What will you do tonight to make it special?

Doll up, choose carefully my lingerie.

          Do you think guys prepare Valentine’s Day with the hope of getting laid?

I seriously hope no one needs to.

          which one of these would you want to do that night?



            Which one do you think he wants you to do tonight?

Again, IF, hopefully all of them!

          Do you still think V day is about romance?

It’s whatever you want it to be.

Well there you have it Australia, MY truth about Valentine’s Day.

Xoxo From Bondi with Love

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