Love and Hapiness.

There are some things that remind me how sweet and beautiful life is. Like reading a good book on a hammock balancing to the mountain breeze, sunlight filtering through the leaves, and a little cuddling dog for company.


Then it’s a sporty quad race with the hundred butterflies, for a little blackberry picking and mushroom hunting in the forest. Of course I pick up another heart-shaped mushie.


The menu for tonight is love mushroom risotto and apple and blackberry sweetheart crumble.

Then it’s a massive group-hug cuddle time with the goats. So much baby-donkey laughing on my part, and many tunes sang throughout the day with my new partner in crime Rekha.


“I feel like I’m in a musical.” Mocks Stevie/Scotland.

And when the puffy clouds start showing, we all snuggle up inside and the dogs take turn to make sure we each get our dose of puppy love.

I still can’t get used to the massive flocks of Galahs and almost fluoro Parrots circling around the farm when we start feeding the animals. Such a breathtaking sight. I hope I will be able to take a proper photo of that ballet one day!

And the days go by oh so lazily. I feel like I’m on a constant holiday. It used to be by the beach (surfection and Hunter and Hornet were so much fun I did not notice it was work) and now it’s in the mountains. Can’t believe the government is “making me” do this 😉

And I feel like love is literally being forced onto everyone here. It is the beginning of mating season after all… The goats are so impatient to be reunited, one of the boys escalated the fences and spent the night with the ladies… At least somebody had fun that night! The biggest goat got so jealous he almost tore the fence apart as one of the girls on the other side teased and teased him. It got so out of control Scotland and Rob lifted the tantalizer up and shifted her with the boys. “This is exactly like a bar situation, one girl for three boys.” Laughed Rob. We laughed a little less this morning when two of the bucks fought so hard they were bleeding out of their horns… Tough love hey.

mating season

Even Bucca, the horse, came to us for a bit of petting and then galloped away chasing after Flo, the mare. I guess he forgot he was castrated.

We also shifted the half blind veal with the does. The two breeds clearly don’t really care for one another but something quite lovely happened as the three cows and the one young bull that Rob keeps on another field, came together and communicated through the fences. And even now as the sun starts setting, they still call out to each other.

Love truly is everywhere.


XoXo – from the mountains with Love.


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