Soul of fireflies.

The farm life is definitely not turning out to be what I expected. It feels like… Being on holiday at your grandparent’s place with a couple of cousins. Yes that’s exactly the feeling. And with a South American substitute grandfather for the next 3 months, I expect to gain more than a few kilos…

I started realizing that on Rekha’s birthday. Roberto and I were planning to do something special for the occasion. He took out a chocolate cake recipe from his sister and it was my job to bake it. Of course the recipe wasn’t in English… 5 years of Spanish courses in high school and still, I couldn’t decipher it on my own…


So after another lovely diner, we took out the massive layered chocolate cake and added sparklers. Then Rob took out the shot glasses… Uho… I don’t remember how but it sent Rekha and I into a frenzy, we started dancing in the living room, and then took it out to the terrace. We ended up dancing and singing under the stars and the glowing orange light of Jupiter for hours and hours with Rob bringing us shots and taking photos of us going crazy while Scotland and Germany were watching TV.

bday cakeI don’t know at what time I went to bed, but when I woke up the next day my body was sore in places I didn’t even know existed. Ow. We had brekkie, fed the animals and then Rob took us girls for a bit of shopping in the biggest town nearby, Bathurst. The hour-long drive was a treat in itself. The lush valleys, the gorgeous horse proprieties, the flocks of parrots and cockatoos… I even saw a Kookaburra, my favourite bird.

Unlike Oberon, which was the first town we landed in before being driven to the farm, Bathurst is really lovely. It’s big enough for a couple of shopping malls, but I would still call it quaint. Quintessential even!


Rekha was behaving like a child (after all she only turned 24… or 22? Can’t remember :p) touching everything, brushing her hair, putting on some horrible red lipstick at Aldi. I couldn’t decide if this was funny or embarrassing. But as the lipstick kept on being

cheap whore

smudged on the corners of her lips and her teeth, I made it even more embarrassing by calling her a cheap whore throughout the shop and in front of everyone.

I think the two of us were just tired and hungover and pretty much made a spectacle of ourselves.


I was also on a mission to find a hat, an akubra, to send over to my dad, but in the process decided it was time for me to own an all-aussie made drover’s hat. Add it to my bday prezzie list!

Talking about self-bday prezzies, I remembered I had bought two tickets to go see The Fratellis in Sydney for the beginning of April. At the time I had no idea if I could even come back for it or who the second ticket was going to be for. Now I knew, and Rob agreed to let Rekha and I have our weekend away. So get ready Sydney, the farm girls are coming back to town the 5th and 6th of April!!

The rest of the weekend was very chill, we went on a quick quad ride to set up some sort of shrimp traps in the dam of the propriety.


We extended our adventure by going down to the river. It was a rough ride and trek to get down there, but worth it. It was kind of peaceful observing the narrow waters flowing for a while and watching the dogs jumping in and out of it.  We got back home just in time before the rain started to pour, buckets by buckets.


The weather is a funny thing out here, so unpredictable I’m wearing tiny shorts most of the time but always keeping a jumper near by. But in the early morning or before the sun starts to set, you can bet on a breath taking view every single time.

double rainbow

XoXo – from the mountains with Love


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