Cuntry boys and city girls.


I am so happy to go back to Europe this summer. Now that is a phrase I never thought I would hear myself say. Ever. But here I am.


I guess it’s because I know it’s only for a few weeks, so I will only see the good side of it. Also I’m not just staying in France but doing a bit of a euro-trip. Which is very unfrench. Truly I’m just copying what most Australians do at least once in their life.

The plan is to see the family in France, then party in Paris-Prague-London and end with Croatia.

A bit of city sightseeing will do me so much good after these 3 months in the middle of nowhere.

Not that I’m complaining. Truly I am blessed to have found this place. Also blessed to be able to travel and meet all my friends back in Europe, and even luckier to come home to Bondi.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEverything is changing, all those big plans, but each one make me so excited. It’s an incredible feeling to enjoy every moment of every day and be even more excited about the next.

Like life at the farm is not always pink and fluffy. So I was beyond psyched to go back to Sydney for the weekend to catch the Fratellis in concert, sleep in my bed and see everyone I missed so much. The best part was bumping into people in Bondi. I hardly arranged to meet anyone but they all just happened to be there, spotting me on the street, or texting at the right moment. It was an amazing weekend, but I wasn’t sad to leave it at the end either.

I am undoubtedly a city girl, or a beach girl to say the least, but it felt like I hadn’t had enough of the mountain life yet. I still have a lot to learn. I still need this time for myself without being side tracked by my multiple jobs and party habits.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs far as my farm skills go though… I’m good with picking heart-shaped mushrooms (every single time I swear!!), not too bad with animal dealings and really enjoying the chainsaw and anything wood related (that’s what she said). But when it comes to plants and weeding plots… urgh… The little green demon inside me comes out and I just want to unleash all the goats on the plots so there’s nothing left.

PicabooLuckily I’ve got plenty of time to direct that energy into creating, creating, creating. Mostly writing or baking.

The other day I took my mom’s amazing cheesecake recipe and added a little Oreo twist to it. And this is the result:


The country boys agreed, for a city girl, I’m not horrible in the kitchen.

Xoxo – From the Mountains with Love

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