Bow down Daisy Duke.

The farm life is over. And I have tried over and over and over again to write about my last month in the mountains but somehow everything that comes out sounds just… bitter…

I suppose I could just listen to Rekha.

“Forget it.

We made it.

We saw.

We conquered.

And I made a best friend for life.”

And that is the utmost truth. She renewed my belief that true friendship doesn’t come with time or experience, it comes within the first moments of meeting one another. “Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.” says Richard Bach. And only with her help would I have been able to turn every little thing that we saw into something slightly positive. When I became the angry wasp that I can be (the real stinging insect hey, not the American persuasion or whatever it is), the bright shinning sun that is Rekha would bring me back to the light.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA With her smile and constant happiness, I really tried to make the most of all the little things and make my stay in the Blue Mountains worth a little bit more than just a visa. Like when the baby chooks finally hatched. I saw one coming out of its shell right in front of my eyes. I decided instantly that this one was my personal fav and I was going to call it Georgia. Just like my surfboard. So when I was reading or writing on the sofa in front of the fireplace, I’d take Georgia and stick her in between my breasts as any good mother hen would. And she’d sleep there like the fluffy ball of feathers that she is. I was so proud when we saw that Georgia was, without a doubt, the leader of the five other baby chooks and that there was even a tad of the bully in her personality… Turns out though, that might’ve been explained by the fact that Georgia is actually… A George.

IMG_2395 What else did we do… Oh yes I decided to kill the time and prepare myself for the civilized life by doing pilates with the parrots and making homemade beauty products. I pretty much had to “steal” shit while the farmer wasn’t looking because even though we paid for the food, the last time I made my home-made rose and honey facemask, he threw a massive tantrum when he found out I had used one teaspoon of honey for my personal use. For real. I am not kidding.

Oh sorry, I promised I wasn’t going to be a wasp but that is a definite sneak peek of a menacing sting there. I will stop right now. This instant. I swear.

So all in all, this is what I have learned:

If you want a pretty rosey skin click here

If you want a deeply moisturized and softly exfoliated skin that’s here

If you want your pores to be free of lurking lurkers do this

If you want a tight and lean body follow Cassey Ho here . Or Rebecca Louise here

And if you want to see the bright side of a shitty depressing situation, find a beautiful friend to share it with.

Share your stories I mean. You don’t need to drag your friend into a shitty depressing situation if they are not in it. Otherwise that would just be mean. And selfish. And you wouldn’t be a very good friend now would you?


Now on to my next adventure for more pieces of deep and meaningful wisdomosity by your favourite blonde 😉


XoXo – From the mountains with Love. For the last time.

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