I’ve been mentioned a week or so ago in this #NomNomNom tag by W in Wonderland.

I like the idea of linking to other bloggers and form a sort of community so here we go, my turn to answer those #nomnomnom questions!


What do you like that everybody else despises (and the other way around) when it comes to food?

I love breakfast food! I know a lot of people tend to skip brekkie because they are in a rush or simply don’t care for it, but I adoooore it. Hashbrowns and bacon, salmon on a cream cheese bagel, or an exotic bircher… yummy. I just cannot start the day without my brekkie.

Also I looove raw foods. Steak or salmon tartare….


And then I absolutely despise capsicums (peppers) yet they seem to be everywhere in Australian and American cuisine. There’s not much I hate but I’ve always felt that once those veggies are in a meal, they overpower the taste of everything else so what’s the point?


What do you often cook?

Lately I’ve been making a lot of salads. I really like the idea of having something delicious yet very healthy in my plate. The latest one I’ve made is a Mediterranean inspiration with zucchinis and homemade dried tomatoes.

But let’s be honest I don’t always have time to cook, in that case whole wheat pastas and homemade tomato sauce are my saviours.

On the other hand, if I have too much time for myself cakes are all I make!


What’s your favourite restaurant?

Without a doubt: The Three Blue Ducks in Bronte. I’ve actually made 2 unsuccessful attempts to go there before being able to taste anything (luck had it that the restaurant was closed when I ventured in the area), but when I finally made it I understood what the fuss was all about. It is sooo reasonably priced for such amazingly surprising food and the cooks/waiters are lovely.  Brekkie, lunch or diner, I recommend it for any occasion.


If you were able to invent a sandwich, what would it be called and what would be on it?

Ahhh. I’ve never been a fan of sandwiches to be honest. So this is tough for me… Maybe a simple whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, lemon, spring onions, salmon and avocado called Stella in New York or flavors of the sun with a ciabata bread, olive oil, sun-dried style eggplants, black olives, tuna and fresh basil. That last one could be called Stella in the sun haha.


Share a useful cooking tip:

When separating egg yolk and white, just crack open the egg in your hand and let the white drip through your fingers. The yolk will be easily separated and kept in your palm. When I learned that, I thought it was brilliant!!


What would you rather do: cooking your own meals, ordering food or having dinner?

I guess a balance between cooking and having dinner outside. Because the only way to create new things is to eat something new 😉 also because I can’t always be bothered to cook haha.

I don’t like ordering food though. I just realized I haven’t done that once in the last year…


Are you allergic?

Not fully allergic but have a definite intolerance to dairy. I wouldn’t stop eating cheese, excuse my French, but I never drink milk. Good thing I love soy milk!


What’s your food obsession right now?

Anything French. Not that I miss the cuisine when I’m in Australia (there is an amazing food culture there that I did not expect), but now that I’m back in Europe for the summer, I really want to eat only things that I will not get in the other side of the world. Like a salade de chevre chaud… or crepe a la crème de marron, or a steak tartare! and heaps and heaps of cheese!!

There is one thing that I miss so much in France though… My soy-ice-latte. It’s hard enough to find soy milk in France or even a good coffee, but a combination of both? Forget it!

Another thing that I miss… A fresh cut coconut!



What’s your favourite dessert? 

Honestly, anything that has dark chocolate in it!! Brownies, cookies, muffins, chocolate pies… just add a 70% choc Lindt tablet into any recipe and I will Luuuurve it.


Other food blogs hmmmmm:

The Three Blue Ducks blog: My favorite restaurant’s blog

Sydney Insiders: really awesome tips to spice up a Sydneysider’s life!

Cupcakes and Cashmere: the famous american blogger never disappoints when it comes to original and pretty recipes!




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