Full Circle.

The rack of luuurve is not really the funniest place to be. Yet I’ve chosen to spend an unusual amount of time there since I’ve arrived in Aussie-land.


Going back to Bondi after the Farm Life and one full year of living in this beautiful country has shown me how far I’d come but also reminded me of how easy it was to get caught in the twirling game of luuurve without realizing it.

Except this time I did. Realize it I mean.

People say that the opposite sex is so much more attracted to you when you are in a relationship. But I find that’s completely untrue! Every time I’m emotionally available, some lovely handsome boy (or boys) waltzes into my life.

How do they do it seriously?? Are they just hiding, waiting, ready to pounce at the opportune moment or what?? Or is it the smell of my naïve blondeness?

Now I know what you think, what on earth could be wrong with that??? Well the only thing wrong about it is me being completely unable to switch off the wasp factor and repeat the same pattern over. And over. And over again.

So for now, no matter how delightful and charming they are, I am seriously putting my foot down with that bow and arrow. With a firm hand. Because I know the ending of that story all too well if I end up being interested. I get bounced out of the bakery of luuurve, face in the gutter.

But those boys are so nice and interesting (in the beginning at least) that I don’t really want to walk away from them.

Can we be friends? Yes let’s.

Anyway I am leaving for my Eurotrip so qu’est ce que le point of anything else?

Also, the bright side of being my friend is that I will not:

1-    Tell stupid little lies because I think that’s what you want to hear. “If I had to choose between a dog or a cat it would be a dog.” Right…

    IMG_2956 IMG_3073

2-    Change my personality to either:

  • a. not clash with you. Stay silent. A lot. -_-
  • b. nag you “Are you really going to be wearing THAT?” *roll eyes*

3-    Judge every move you make. Is he going to sit next to me or next to his mate…


Oh the horror. I don’t want to be that person ever again.

And I will bet you anything you want that I will be meeting many more sweet and totally adorable men on my holidays. And I will tell them the same thing. Would you pleeeease let me be your friend? Let’s get wasted if you want, dance like crazy and sing completely out of tune as much as you want, but at the end of the night, let’s just carry one another to our respective beds. Or floor. Whichever one we reach first.

Friends for one night. Is that a thing?

Well it is now.

And who knows? A friend for one night might become a friend forever.


XoXo – From Bondi with mucho mucho Friendship.

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