Coming up Roses.


I can’t leave Prague.

What is it about this city that I just cannot get enough of? If I thought I was in love with life before, this has brought love to a whole new level.


Looking back on my last weekend in Bondi beginning of June, I couldn’t wait to get the Eurotrip out of the way and then come back to my beach life, my flat, get on my surfboard again, have my soy ice latte at Atlas, go to work at Surfection and then meet up people at Bucket List while the sunset reflects on the water.

And then I landed in Singapore. Where I thought I was so lucky to be able to feel at ease and call home yet another place in this world.

And then I landed in Paris. Of course I hate to call it home but I did live there for 6 year. So… I know the drill.

And then I landed in Prague.

A place I know nothing about. It looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before in my life. And for a 25 year old, I have seen shitloads of places. Yet I wasn’t lost. It was more like… This was a place I could find myself again. Not just blend in with the party and the lifestyle.

And when I came back again instead of continuing my Eurotrip, It felt like… My monster creativity was coming alive again and it needed to be fed. Right here. Right now.


It was only supposed to be 10 days.

It’s been 13 days so far.

Yeah… I didn’t board my plane back in Paris last Sunday…

And I’ve lost my ticket back to Oz.

And you know what?

I couldn’t be happier about it.

Is it strange? Maybe. But I couldn’t care less. It feels awesome. (and just to make it clear, I bought it with my own money, not daddy’s)

At first I thought I was acting like a spoiled child. Too scared to go back to the “real world” and wanting to have a bit more fun in Europe before having to find a steady job that would sponsor me in Oz. But everything in that sentence is wrong. Being locked in an office for minimum 2 years in a job I’m not even sure I like. OMG kill me now. Is that why I left everything in Paris for?

The answer to that is NO.

Productivity and Creativity are two words I forgot about and can now feel bubbling up inside of me. And I badly want to explore them to the fullest right now.


So here I am. Staying in Prague.

For now.

Who would’ve thunk it?

Not me I can tell you that.

looks and blondes_effected


XoXo – From Praha with Love



5 thoughts on “Coming up Roses.

  1. I had traveled many places as well and Prague is where I left my heart. I’m glad to know there are others out there that feel the same as I. It is a very different feel than other parts of Europe. There is just something about it, isn’t there? Look forward to reading your future posts.

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