Lost Stars.

When we were 16, Lib wrote a post about me on her blog. 9 years later I think it’s high time for me to repay the favor.

teenage libs no tripod

Teenage Libs – Raffles Hotel Singapore 2006

“We were talking about it with a mate, and we thought how strange it is, how different you two girls are.”

Sure. Julien, Lib’s classmate from film school, is right in a certain sense. Lib would delight in telling the story of how one day in theatre class, me, the effervescent blonde, wearing pink and other bright colours along with super short skirts, came to her, the girl always in black with a good dose of eyeliner (black of course) listening to Marilyn Manson and Evanescence (more black), and asked her to share a room with me on our group trip to Beijing.

I would burst into the hotel room overwhelmed with excitement at the purchase of my first fake Louis Vuitton hand bag and making predictions on whether the cute blond guy from the Australian school liked this other girl or me better, while she was lying down on the bed, headphones turned so loud she probably couldn’t hear me babbling on.

spanish dancing

Leading people into dancing on chairs in the middle of the classroom. Yup that was me

Apart from Theater classes, Lib and I hardly had any contact. But about a year later our respective circles of friends became this one and only group.

As we were walking to a friend’s place, Lib made a joke. It was so out of the blue, I literally BURST out laughing, bending over clenching my stomach, couldn’t catch my breath, couldn’t continue walking and I almost peed my tiny mini skirt. Oh wait I tell a lie. I was actually wearing proper pants that day.

At this point in time, Lib still hadn’t decided if I was a Mean Girl or not. I guess her sudden realisation that I was laughing WITH her and not AT her made up her mind about the gossips surrounding me.

teenage libs

Teenage Libs – LFS 2006

Also, I suppose our love for literature and theatre brought us closer than our fashion styles could keep us apart.

We especially had a thing for the Siecle des Lumieres and Dangerous Liaison became our bible. She knew much more about everything than I did of course.


Valmont Opera – Prague 2014

I was too busy being a social bee and making a point at handing out all my essays late while she explored about a thousands more books than I did, and broaden her mind with music and photography. There was a reason why she was the Lib with the Ego and I was the Lib with the Libido (this is a joke hey, don’t take everything so literally cheesus).

teenage libs no tripod2

Teenage Libs – Raffles Hotel Singapore 2006

And to think my mom was scared Lib would have a bad influence on ME. They say don’t judge a book by its cover for a reason.

Growing up into semi-adults and living countries apart, near and far, somehow we got even closer.

Libs in Djeneve – Spring 2009

libs semi-adultes

Libs in Paris – Winter 2011


I studied professional journalism and TV broadcasting as soon as I finished high school when she would study the world and its theories.


Journalism school Paris – Winter 2010

And yet. Four years later she’s the one handling the camera better than I ever could and I’m the one behind my computer typing away.


3D workshop – Prague summer 2014

And right now, she’s the good kick in the butt and productive bee that I need around.

I think the most unbelievable thing is that even though we both have basic similar knowledge, same LFS education, same world travellers awareness, same attraction to inform through visual and art productions, we go about it differently and that is what possibly makes us a freaking good team.


inspired work in Prague – Summer 2014

Let’s light up the dark shall we Lib?

lib adultes_effected

Libs Adultes – Prague 2014

XoXo – From Praha with Love


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