The Princess is the Frog.


I haven’t made a frog and princess analogy in a while, but now the time seems appropriate to bring the fairy-tale back.

And I was thinking, what if… Roles were reversed? Like, completely. I know the Princess is supposed to overlook the disgustingness of the Frog and kiss him and only then is she allowed to have her happy ending with Prince Charming.

But what if… Well we know Prince Charming would never ever EVER kiss anything resembling the sliminess of a Frog, so let’s not even think about that theory, but what IF Prince Charming finds the Princess, woes her, and when she finally lets him kiss her, she turns into the Frog.

What would Prince Charming do?

Well he’ll leave her on the spot I can tell you that for a fact.


So what would the Frog/Princess do?

I think I can bet you anything that after a reasonable amount of time mourning her lost love she would pick herself up, dust herself off and turn back into a Princess.

And then another Prince would come along, fall in love with her, she wouldn’t let him in in the beginning of course. But he persists. She finally falls for him. And the moment their lips touch, it triggers this magical mechanism in her body and she turns into that wet and sticky… Thing.

And the new Prince Charming, disgusted, would gallop away on his white horse.


I’m guessing that with every passing Prince, it probably gets harder and harder for the Princess to get back into her natural shape and keep faith in true love. But, as women usually do, the Princess persists in giving Princes a chance. At one point in her life, the curse has to be lifted right? She did bring it upon herself that she turns into a repugnant creature every time she gets scared.

That’s usually how it goes isn’t it? Witches only cast spells on Royalty for a reason. I don’t know what this Princess did, but it must be pretty bad.

Because how would you break that kind of spell?

Credit photo:

I guess my advice to her would be to stop freaking out every time she likes a guy and just chill the fuck out.

But then again. Easier said than done.

And also if they run away every time instead of calming you, then they’re probably not the right Prince Charming. I bet the real Prince Charming is supposed to keep looking into your eyes and see your soul instead of the vile façade fear brings out in you.

Just for your own sake though, stop freaking out. Because you turn into a Frog in the blink of an eye, but shape shifting back into a Princess? Not so quick.

I know you tried to fend all men off as a solution. But we all know how long that lasted.

Credit photo: Noemirenevey.comTo be fair, you did manage to fend some off, but it only took one smile from that one to make you drop your sword.

So maybe, from now on, save your energy by staying your natural self and remember that Prince Charmings don’t fit into a mould. And it’s ok that they don’t come with a manual either.

But you can write about them as much as you please if it makes you feel better.


XoXo – From the Bohemian Palace with Undying Love.


3 thoughts on “The Princess is the Frog.

  1. I’m reminded of Snow White and the Magic Mirror.
    Although Disney and Grimm focus on the jealousy of the Evil Queen, there’s another profound part of the story.
    From her youngest age, Snow White was able to look in her own reflection and see that which was beautiful. She was able to befriend herself and not put herself down or dwell on any imperfections. She could see and accept her own inner and outer beauty.
    Most importantly, she didn’t focus on anyone else’s reflections or worry about how any prince might see her. She simply loved herself.
    That, in turn, made her so gorgeous that it sparked the Evil Queen’s insecurities. We know the rest of the story, and that self-love carried her through all kinds of drama.
    Thanks for your creativity and inspiration.

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