Walk Away.



“I take it you’re staying in Prague at least until autumn?” Was what my mom asked me yesterday when she called me.

“Looks like it. But hey you know me, I might book a plane ticket at the first signs of the cold.” I joked.

Well half joked.

I did wake up that morning full of Ben Harper songs and the souvenir of my friend Mika introducing me to Boa Sorte.

“Why are you sending me this song hon?”

“Cause it sounds like the sun and the beach and you remind me of the sun and the beach bebe.”

Most beautiful compliment anyone has ever paid me. And I wondered if it was still true that She’s Only Happy in the Sun.

There was nothing beckoning me to go back to Aussie-land anytime soon when so much was happening in Praha. But maybe that’s exactly what’s scaring me right now. There is so much, so fast, so intense, so… Dramatic.

Running away from it is not an option I would choose though. Because in any case, no matter the city, the country or the continent, it seems that drama remains my middle name. And my Praha circle of people seem to enjoy its company as much as I do. Maybe even more. But too much is just too much.

It’s only been a month and a half since I have been in the bohemian city but sometimes I feel as tangled as a fly in a spider web.


The dramas from my Australian debuts don’t even come close in comparison.

Not even the time when frog no1 friend’s decided to ditch him and take me in their group.

Not even the time when from the moment I stopped seeing frog no2, I lost all my “friends” along with him.

Or the time I ended up all bubbly on the night of my 25th birthday. Now that was a pretty ridiculously dramatic moment.


But nope.

None of these trips down memory lane top this.

On the bright side though, these monumental dramas are actually teaching me a few vital things that have changed me from the inside out. And I’m finding Diamonds On The Inside of even the most dramatic characters part of the Praha theater that has become my life.


But the other night, things have taken an overwhelming turn. I thought I was the one incarnating Oppression in this particular scene of the ploy. And I was More Than Sorry about it.

Turns out though, this character had decided to switch on the full persecution mode. And funnily enough, instead of rebelling, as this was not part of any script I had in my mind, I let him.


Possibly because… Well because he was acting a lot like me not so long ago. And I suppose I was more than relieved to give up my role and see my mirror image in his Brown Eyed Blues.

But do you know how exhausting it is to be persecuted when you are usually the persecutor? Well I didn’t. But now that I knew, I also felt that we were slowly approaching the Heart of Matters and I was going to have Rise up and say… Something.

Luckily, or unluckily I don’t know, it never came to that point and a buffer helped him take the decision to walk on. Turn and head for the door.

And I will take that very same cue, as I just will not, and seriously cannot, take more entanglement.

You know sometimes… Sometimes, you just have to Walk Away.

Walk Away.



Xoxo – From Prague with Love

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