The Princess is the Frog. Evolution.


So we left our Frog Princess right after another Prince Charming had galloped away as fast as he could.

Maybe because everything had happened so fast, it hit her in the right spot this time. Maybe. Or maybe she just had more than enough.

Whatever the reason, as soon as she shifted back into a Princess, she understood it wasn’t just her appearance and the face she shows to the world that she needed to change. Something she had forgotten had been buried deep inside of her and she needed to find out what it was before it ate her up even more and she would end up as an indefinite Frog.

And that is when her Fairy Stepmother showed up (Yes Stepmother. Let’s shake things up a bit in the fairy-tale world people). And she spoke to her of a place she could find, and animals she could seek to help her grow out of her nasty habits.

Alfons Mucha - north star

So the Princess decided to take a walk on the wild side. She went to look for the whitest sand beach in the world to purify herself. She hiked across mountains to look for the perfect horizon. She walked through endless enchanted forests to find the strongest, biggest tree and learn how to be rooted. She even went to the center of the earth to fuel her strength. Still, it felt like it wasn’t enough.

She became tired and stopped for a little while in a sacred place. A place where animals from every kingdom could find rest. And she called upon each of them to help her. Swan swiftly answered the call. And Swan talked to her about Grace, Beauty and the Power of Self. Soon enough Alligator showed up and he spoke to her of Primal Energies and the new knowledge and wisdom that come with it.

The Princess took notes and hoped she understood everything they were telling her. But she was so exhausted she eventually fell asleep.

Alfons Mucha - repos-de-la-nuit

She dreamt of dreams that felt like her past. And then she dreamt of dreams that felt like the present. And eventually she dreamt of dreams that felt like the future.

And every time she stirred she took note of everything she had seen, heard and felt just as Spider had taught her once upon a time.


Eventually she thought that the only way she would truly understand all these teachings was by going back into the world and try them out.

And when she did she came face to face with her last Prince Charming. She did and said nothing, waiting for him to run away again. But to her surprise he didn’t. He looked at her up and down and commented on every little thing he could see about her. In the beginning she didn’t pay too much attention, she was focusing every molecule of her body into not turning into a nasty Frog again. But eventually, as his comments were getting harsher and he was getting closer, she noticed she hadn’t turned into the dreaded slimy thing. And then she looked up and she saw that instead of having a Prince standing next to her, she was now in the company of a Frog.

frog n princess

What had happened?

And what was she to do?

She didn’t want to run away because she didn’t want to sink to all the Princes’ level. But she wasn’t sure she wanted to stay either because his ways were disturbing her. She decided she would focus on his good points and try to calm him down. But nothing was working. Eventually she felt powerless and his aggressive actions, as misguided as she believed they were, were suffocating her.

And that’s when the wizard intervened. The wizard came to the Prince now turned into a Frog and spoke to him about actions and consequences. And the Prince, after a long talk, decided to run away again.

evening star

The Princess was left alone and didn’t know if she had to thank the wizard or curse him for his intervention. Because in the end, she hadn’t had the possibility of finding out why this had happened.

She was troubled for the Prince and she hoped he wouldn’t stay too long in his dark and intoxicating Frog pond. But she remembered one of her teachings: “You cannot help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.” And she remembered it had taken her a lot of shape shifting back and forth before she started to get rid of her stubbornness and finally ask for help.

As her mind was wondering, Hummingbird sang out to her. He spoke to her about extracting the sweetness and joy from any situation in life. And as she watched Hummingbird flutter and sing amongst the flowers, she saw in it a symbol for accomplishing that that seems impossible.

Music Alphonse Mucha

So instead of thinking of what was beyond her control she decided she would focus on nurturing her own new learnings. And maybe, if one day someone should ask for her help, she hoped she would be up to the task.

Alfons Mucha - iris


XoXo – from the Praha Castle With Undying Love.



10 thoughts on “The Princess is the Frog. Evolution.

  1. You may wish to use “she” a little less. Replace with more Princess, and potentially appropriate synonyms for an amusing touch (up to you), using varying adjectives portraying mood or state of mind.

    Nonetheless 🙂

  2. The hummingbird has the secret! Some people might not quite understand her song, though, because she isn’t spelling it out word by word. (Humming, you know!)
    The hummingbird has more power than the wizard to transform life into the miracle it is.
    Thanks for the wonder-filled wonderful stories.

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