The Princess is the Frog. A Beginning. Part I


Once upon a time was a young Princess who lived in a far far away land. Well not so far away actually, but it was the countryside. And after growing up in the heart of her old Kingdom, the young Princess felt secluded and bored. She called this place the Middle of Nowhere because that is how it felt to her.

She walked up and down, side to side, straight and in circles, trying to occupy herself in the Middle of Nowhere. And when exploring nothing was boring her more than usual, she would go deep into her mind and invent stories to entertain herself.

searching muchaOne day, a fellow Princess friend was visiting the Kingdom next to the Middle of Nowhere and invited our young Princess to come with her.

Our Princess begged her mother to let her go and see her friend, and to her surprise, the Queen agreed.

The young Princess didn’t know this Kingdom and she looked upon everything with excitement. More importantly, everyone she met was so interesting. There were Dukes, and Duchesses, and Counts and Marquises, and Princes and Princesses and they were all very very lovely. On their last night in the Kingdom, the Princesses attended a Ball in the Palace. There were many many people to meet and our young Princess was as happy as could be.

And then she became even happier when the Prince she thought was the most Charming of them all was finally introduced to her. I don’t know which one of them was the shyest. But by some miracle, they did end up dancing and taking a midnight stroll together.


And even if they had only just met, the next morning when he came to see her away, they vouched they would be together. After all, they were only one Kingdom apart. And so they parted with a kiss full of promises.

They wrote to each other everyday.

In the beginning the young Princess could not believe her luck that she was receiving anything at all from such a charming Prince. But as she struggled more and more to keep herself occupied in the Middle of Nowhere, one letter a day was barely covering her thirst for information. She pressed the young Prince for more. And between receiving letters, she would bury herself in her mind and her made-up stories. Prince Charming on the other hand was a very busy young man and the time lapse between the letters slowly increased.

The more the young Princess asked for, the less she received. She, in return, became frustrated and would seek the refuge of her mind more and more often.


And that is when Frog appeared next to her.

And Frog spoke to her of water energies and emotions. He warned her not to get bogged down in day to day living and to get in touch with her true feelings.

But the young Princess did not hear, nor did she even see the Frog. She sought only the voice of the young Prince Charming and the thoughts occupying her mind. As she fell deeper into the inner workings of her brain, Frog kept warning her. And when he saw that she would never listen, Frog did what Frogs do best, he called forth the rain of Transformation. But the young Princess had fallen so deep, instead of letting the rain purify her and coming into her personal powers, she, herself, turned into a Frog.


And the Prince Charming, even though he was far away, knew what had happened and cut all contact with our young Princess.

The young Princess did not understand anything. She did not understand that instead of working with the water energies, she was being consumed by them. And the more she let herself be consumed, the sadder she became.

The years went by and our young Frog Princess grew up. She was meant to grow up into a full bloom woman but I guess it’s more appropriate to say that she grew up into a full blown toad.

She hated her new body, she hated herself, and she even had come to hate the world and all of the Prince Charmings surrounding her. On the verge of her 20th birthday she had reached a desperate point where she was going into hiding so often she didn’t know how to interact with the world anymore. She cried and cried and finally she asked her Fairy Stepmother for help (yes we are keeping the Stepmother as the Fairy).

north star

“Ah yes. You are ripe and ready.” Said she smiling as she saw the Frog Princess approaching.

Ripe? Ready? Was she meant to feel so wretched and ugly so that she could heal and be a normal Princess again?

It appeared so. It seemed she needed to reach such desperation that she would do anything and everything to get better. And now that she was, the Fairy Stepmother took the Frog Princess on a walk on the wild side. They went to many many sacred places and met many, many Animals who dispensed their teachings to the Frog Princess. The road was long and tough on both of them, but at the end of the journey, the Princess hadn’t turned back into the normal Princess she used to be. She was so much more.

She thanked the Fairy and went on her way.


She saw and felt that her body and her soul were both healed and were finally one. She was a happier creature than she had ever been before in her life and she made everyone who approached her happier as well. And all of a sudden everyone wanted to be close to her. She was very very shy with it all in the beginning. After being in the shadows for so long, she forgot how to be in the light. But little by little she learned how to be comfortable with it and project that light. And she was happy that she could put into practice her new learnings into her world and still continue to listen to the Animals who guided her.

And then one day.

One day she met a Prince Charming who’s eyes sparkled so bright when he looked into her own that she was scooped away. And from the moment he finally dared to kiss her, he never left her side. And both of them believed that this was their happy ending.

To Be Continued…



XoXo – From the Enchanted Praha Castle with Undying Love


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