The Princess is the Frog. A Beginning. Part II


The Prince Charming could not believe how lucky he was to be with the Princess. And she could not believe how lucky she was to have found a Prince who loved her ever so. Everyday the Prince would tell her how much he loved her and talk about their life together. And everyday she would tell him she loved him and had high hopes for their future together.

Until one day, she went to pay her Fairy Stepmother a visit. “Why aren’t your eyes sparkling anymore Princess?” said she as soon as the Princess sat down. And the Princess’s eyes, without knowing how or why, filled up with tears that rolled down her cheeks and fell on the ground as intensely as water would fall from a Waterfall.

Although she knew the answer the Fairy asked: “Why are you crying Princess?”

And all of a sudden it all came back to the Princess. All her teachings, all the Animals and all of the Fairy’s tools she had been given. She had put them all aside for the Prince. He knew nothing of the Magical Realm the Princess had been receiving lessons from, and he didn’t want to know about it. As a consequence, the water was accumulated back into her body and started to spill out of her eyes at this very moment.

Mucha - evening-star

And that is when Spider came to help her. And Spider reminded her of what she already knew of Creativity and Weaving her own Fate. Spider told the Princess that maybe she had been caught up in her own web, failing to see the Infinite Possibilities.

The Princess listened and remembered the first time Spider came to her. As she was on her Journey with her Fairy Stepmother, Spider had then taught her creation through writing. And the Fairy had encouraged our Princess to take note of everything she saw and felt, even in the dreamtime. She didn’t understand why at first, she was feeling so much, and hearing so much, and seeing so many things she had never let herself see before, she just wanted to take it all in. But the Fairy Stepmother insisted. The Frog Princess didn’t know much back then, but if there was one thing she knew, it was not to disobey her Fairy Stepmother. So she diligently did what she was told.

Alfons Mucha - north star

After her visit to the Fairy and before she went back to her Prince, the Princess decided to pick up her forgotten book and immerse herself in it once more.

And she understood. She understood that the Prince did indeed love her very very much, but that his love did not make her grow as she believed love should. On the contrary, she had become a lesser version of her new self.

So she decided to let him go. In the hope that he would find another Princess, one that was more fitted for him, very soon. Or if they were truly meant to be together, he would come back to her eventually. But she doubted he ever would.


She on the other hand, vouched that she would not let another Prince change her. She had learned so much and given it all away because she fell in love with the idea of being in love.

And from that moment on, every time she met a Prince she would instantly judge him and not even look at him twice for this or that reason. She didn’t like this Prince’s hair. Nor did she like that Prince’s choice of words. And she definitely did not like that other Prince’s cape.

But you can guess what happened. After a while, our very own Princess felt lonely.

Disney's Fantasia - Lonely centaur

And that is when she met a Prince who’s eyes lit up like two little bushfires when he crossed her gaze. And she could feel a fire burning inside of her as well. But when she let him kiss her, she knew she fiercely wanted to protect herself from him.

The moment their lips touched, she focused every inch of herself into not giving in. And instead of continuing to be the lovely Princess she was when they first met, she… Ever so slowly… Switched on a new defence mechanism and without knowing… Turned into a Frog.

And well you know what happened then… That Prince Charming, as horrified as any, galloped away as fast as his stead could take him.

She was sad. And then she was angry. And eventually she decided to forget and turn back into a Princess. Because in any case, she said he wasn’t even worth her time to begin with.

And it is there and then, with her eyes and heart shielded, that our very own Princess started a long series of shape-shifting.

I mean, she had all the knowledge inside of her. She was bound to get it right at one point right?




XoXo – From the Magical Realm with Undying Love

2 thoughts on “The Princess is the Frog. A Beginning. Part II

  1. Reblogged this on View Pacific and commented:
    Here’s a fairy tale which has been told so many times. It may seem funny, yet has some sadness to me. It’s sad that she never let any of her princes see her true shape, so they could love her as she was.

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