The Viking, the White Tiger and the Mermaid. Part II

LittleMermaid - The Bells and Other Poems, by Edgar Allan Poe

The Viking Mermaid was enchanted (Read why in Part I here). She fluttered and spun in the Ocean and discovered places that were beautiful beyond her imagination. There were more sights than her bright eyes could see and more creatures than she had ever heard of before. And then there were the Merpeople. And they were all so beautiful and fun and… Perfect. And now that she had a tail like them, she was hoping that they would accept her as their own. And when one of them asked: “ Don’t you miss your family?” she replied: “We are a family of adventurers, it’s normal for us to live in separate lands. I’ve just chosen a land that’s a bit harder to access…” And she hoped it didn’t make her seem cold-hearted.

She was driven by her quest to be accepted as part of the Merfolk and met as many Merpeople as she could. It seemed though, that no matter how much she looked liked them, and no matter how hard she tried, they never seemed to let her in completely. Maybe there was a big cultural divide in between the Earthlink and the Merfolk she couldn’t quite put her finger, sorry fin now, on. But she was still undoubtedly dazzled by them and so she tried extra-hard and swam that much more to train her tail like theirs.

The time she spent with the Merfolk was incredibly exciting. And every time a Merman showed interest in her she thought this time she was in. But no. And more importantly, why couldn’t she truly befriend the Mermaids? Why wouldn’t they let her in the way Princesses from every other land she had been to have?

The Viking Mermaid didn’t know.

MUCHA - kissing mermaids

But time was ticking and as she was spending all of it meeting Merpeople that kept on drifting away, she could feel her tail changing back into a pair of legs. So she went back to the solid ground of the Earth one year later not sure of what she had truly accomplished, but yearning for more.

As she took her first steps back on the ground, directly she felt the Cold. And she thought to herself: “What am I doing back here?”

Sea Turtle was nowhere to be seen though, so she thought she would go and see her friends and family in the meantime. Since they all lived in different lands, she started to wander again, just like she used to with her Viking family. And she was happy meeting everyone again but her skin was still yearning for the salty Sea.

mucha_1898_97_seasons_champenois_mermaid lookalike

Until she came to a land that was particularly known for its Icy weather. She had never been there before, but she had a friend who settled there for a little while, so she went to pay her a visit. There was something in the wind in that land. Or maybe it was in the trees. The Viking Princess didn’t know. But it was also in everyone she met there. She could see in everyone’s eyes, their heart. They poured out their souls into their words and their smiles or frowns told stories of their past, present and future. They reminded her of Mountain Lions and its Leadership echoed inside of her own soul.

And that is when White Tiger came back to her. And she was so happy to see him again. But what touched her the most was that she could understand him so clearly now. And White Tiger explained to her Mountain Lion’s medicine, that it is the balance of Body, Mind and Spirit. And while she was listening, she realized that her legs weren’t turning into Ice, quite the opposite, she felt they were becoming lighter. Because she truly understood and felt in her heart what White Tiger was saying.

Tiger-in-Snow-WallpapersAnd that is when Sea Turtle came to them. And Sea Turtle asked the Viking Princess what her decision was. Did she want a tail or a pair of legs?

And the Viking Princess, without thinking, heard herself ask if she could keep her legs.

Because without them, she wasn’t truly herself. Because without them she wasn’t One, she couldn’t hear her heart or let thoughts flow through her body or feel what her body was telling her. Together, they were all just One.

And just like that she understood why her legs had turned to Ice, she was only her mind back then. And then she understood why she couldn’t connect with the Merpeople, she was only trying to be their mirror image, she was only a body back then. And finally now that she was listening to her soul, now was her chance to connect all three and never be scared of being Frozen again.

And thus Sea Turtle, Mother Earth, swam away, smiling to herself.

And White Tiger? Well as the Patient and Devoted creature White Tiger is, he remained inside the Viking Princess’ soul, as he always was.


The End.


XoXo – From the land of the Cold with infinite Passion and Love.

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