Two Little Witches. Part I


Once upon a time in a land far far away were two little Witches. They both lived in the same kingdom. And they both went to the very small and selective school of witchcraft. But I can tell you this for a fact, they were not friends. Oh no.

One little Witch liked to practise magic by herself. She thought she could get more learnings from books and her own mind than anything else. Other witches and wizards said that that little Witch was destined to do great Black Magic and thus was called Black Star. The other little Witch liked to practise magic with others. She thought she could get more learnings from the people and the things surrounding her than anything else. Other witches and wizards said that little Witch was destined to do great White Magic and thus was called White Star.

And thus with names like that and appearances sticking to their pointy hats, a rift was naturally dug between the two little Witches.

It has to be said that in truth, the two little witches hardly knew each other. I don’t think they even exchanged more than three words before it was time for them to turn fifteen. And that was the time when White Star did something very strange…

The witchcraft school was sending both little Witches and a whole group of other witches and wizards on a quest across the land and everyone had to partner up. White Star, who was accustomed to always be surrounded by a numerous flock, had never picked one single person before, and anyway she couldn’t because they had already all partnered up. Seeing how she could potentially be the one ending up alone in this quest she went to Black Star, who was standing by herself and who she knew wouldn’t already have a partner, and asked her if they could do the quest together.

It took a while for Black Star to understand what the other little Witch was saying. Why on earth would she be talking to her of all witches? Still, she accepted.


Neither of them knew if this was a good idea. Black Star thought that the other little Witch was just going to use her to practise her magic on, and White Star thought that the other little Witch’s dark magic would spill onto her and she would loose her connection with people and things.

Still, they accomplished the quest together, but walking in the same direction so that they could never stray.

Back to the school of witchcraft, it was as if everything would remain the same. Almost like nothing had happened and they were never seen together. But not really. Little by little the two didn’t mind each other’s company so much anymore. They weren’t scared of the other’s powers. Or at least, by what they thought the other one’s power could do to their own.

One day, Black Star came out of her shell and practised her magic with others. And White Star, who was there, could not believe her eyes. Not only was it not Black Magic at all, but it was something she would never even have thought of doing. And she was the one famous for White Magic. She was impressed and she praised Black Star. That last little Witch didn’t trust White Star’s reaction at first. But as she kept on talking, she finally saw something genuine in her.

She had always thought that if she got too close, White Star would prey on her and use her energy to fuel her magic. Because that is what Black Star believed White Star did. And sure enough sometimes it was true. Because White Star saw other witches do it and thought she should do it too. And unlike the said to be White Star, Black Star, had an incorruptible soul and thought that was not right. Not right at all.

But after that last encounter, White Star, who never in her life thought she would think that, finally saw that Black Star could also be part of the circle of Witches she could practise her magic with (and not on, like some witches believed).

Alfons Mucha - morning star


To be Continued…

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