Two Little Witches. Part II

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The years went by and the Witchcraft School ended for the two young witches (read Part I here). It was time for them to take their magic unto the world. And so they did. They both choose different lands to go and practise their magic and thus the Stars separated. And unlike all odds, White Star decided to shelter herself and cut all cords with her circle of Witches. And unlike anything you could imagine, Black Star was the one who created a magical bridge in between them two so they would never loose contact. While White Star was teaching herself about inner magic, Black Star was the one learning about connections with the rest of the world. Sometimes, one would use the bridge Black Star created and visit the other. And every time White Star was surprised about how powerful Black Star’s magic had become. And every time Black Star cherished the time she would spend with White Star. Until one day White Star’s magic got out of hand. She meant well, But the spell she was trying to cast hit Black Star sideways and her friend finally turned against her. White Star knew she was in the wrong, she should never have tried to cast a spell on her friend in the first place. But since she believed her intentions were pure, she never apologised. And she let Black Star walk out of her life. Alfons Mucha - morning star Black Star was more angry than anything. It wasn’t so much the spell in itself, that she managed to fix in no time, but that her friend did not always know how to control her magic and she always pushed further even if she had no idea what the consequences would be. And once more there was a drift between the two Witches. Except this time it wasn’t in fear of not knowing what the other’s powers were, but on the contrary, knowing exactly what they were and how far they could go wrong. Time passed and for a while it seemed that their magical bridge was destroyed. Only fate had it that the two would eventually be living in the same Kingdom again, going on the same quest, again. This time, Black Star took it upon herself to go up to her old friend and even if the other young Witch hadn’t asked for forgiveness, she still gave it to her. And White Star was grateful. Because undoubtedly, she had missed her friend. And at the end of the quest, they saw that the magical bridge had never truly been destroyed, it was just waiting there to be used again. And so the two Witches swore they would use it often. And so they did. And no matter how far their quests would take them from each other, every so often, one would use the bridge to meet up wherever in the world. 25-mucha-champagne-2 Until one day, after a long period of absence, White Star took the bridge again, completely unexpectedly. It took her to a Kingdom she had never heard of before and there, she saw Black Star more glowing than she had ever seen her before. And while they stayed together, their magic bounced off each other like it never had before. And White Star was quite certain she had never made magic as beautiful as this before. When it was time to leave again, White Star did so with a heavy heart. And she landed in a Kingdom she knew all too well, and hated way too much. And there she pondered. What was really the purpose of going on to so many quests? Discover new powers and acquire more magic? Yes indeed. But what if… What if her magic was at its best when it was completed by the opposite power? And she thought of Black Star. Both Witches had been taught the same things and yet learned everything differently. Both had been named Black and White because that is how people perceived them, but they both knew that there was quite a bit of Black in the White and a quite a bit of White in the Black. And maybe do they not only feed one another, but also maybe those two distinctively shine brighter in contrast. And White Star thought, the only way to find out is to try it out. And so she abandoned her original quest and crossed the bridge one last time. The time had come to light up the dark alongside Black Star. And so they did. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   XoXo – From the land of infinite sky with undying friendship


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