Three Big Bad Wolves. Part II

La Canourgue, France - June 2014

After a long while of showing how charming he was, the Big Bad Wolf finally had young Red under his spell (read why he wanted that in Part I here). But every so often, the charm would break and the wolf would see young Red turn and walk away from him. The Big Bad Wolf could not stand this and so he would run after her and charm his way back in again. But when young Red finally reached to pet and cuddle him, she felt his fur to be hum… Droopy. Well this certainly wasn’t charming. But while she was still under his spell, she tried to give the fur a little more oomph by kneading. Nothing would do though. And so eventually, young Red started laughing, how could such lovely looking fur feel so… Saggy?

She didn’t know how but now the spell was definitely broken, and no matter how hard Big Bad Wolf number two tried to charm his way back in again, young Red thought of the feeling she had when she touched his fur and she laughed away.

You’d think that after that the Red cat would now know better than to get close to another Wolf hey? Well think again.

Crows Nest, Australia - January 2014

One day that she was skipping on the Beach, Big Bad Wolf number three spotted her. And he thought of what a good trophy Red could be. One that he would show off to his other wolfey mates. And since he was a strong wolf, he thought he would lure the Red Kitty into a trap. And so the Big Bad Wolf approached Red displaying the skills of a chaser. And Red was indeed very very struck. I don’t think she had ever seen a wolf with such stature and muscles before. And Red though this Wolf was so extra-ordinary she thought she might stick around so she could be protected by him. And thus she did.

And every so often the Big Bad Wolf would grab her and chuck her on his back. And then he’d run about to his mates showing off his trophy. And Red thought this was fun. Until the novelty wore off. Either it was because the conversation during the rides wasn’t exactly thrilling: “I’ve been into the Sea twice a day lately, see how big my front legs and shoulders are getting now?” And Red, who was holding on to the Big Bad Wolf’s shoulders, could indeed feel that they were bigger: “Oh yes” said she, rolling her eyes while he wasn’t looking. Or maybe it was because he made a point of showing how strong and intimidating he was every single time, the rides were getting quite… Dull for the Red Kitty Kat.

Yawning in front of the Big Bad Wolf was not something he was used to. Being so strong and all, everyone was usually impressed by him. And so he growled at her. But instead of being the menacing gnarl he imagined it would be, it made Red laugh. And Red laughed so hard that such a strong Wolf seemed so pitiful all of sudden. The Wolf tried a bit more growling but eventually Red strutted away, still laughing. And so he stopped growling at her.


A little while later, as Red was sitting by the River, Dog spotted her. And the Black Labrador went to the Hooded Kitty Kat. Pacing himself at first but as he was getting closer, he was also running faster. Until he ran so fast towards her, he knocked her over, agitatedly wagging his tail about. And Red could not stop laughing. Because it was a bit awkward and tickly sure, but it was also simply… Genuine. There was no trapping, no luring, no chasing. And thus she didn’t laugh at the Black Lab like she would laugh at the Big Bad Wolves, but laughed with him and started to purr and butt-head him in return. And that’s when the Red Kitty Kat realized, it takes more than only wit, more than simple charm and more than pure strength to have a Great Spirit. And she also remembered that Dog was the symbol of the Small becoming the Great. And looking into the Black Lab’s eyes, she directly knew this to be true.

And so the Red Feline felt that she wanted to stick around so she could, perhaps, learn a thing or two. Because maybe, just maybe, she would rather learn to have a nurtured soul than to have an array of tricks up her sleeves. Or paws.


The End…

Blue Mountains, Australia - May 2014


XoXo – From Praha with Loving Gentleness.


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