The Wasp and the Sun. Part I


Chateau de Castre, France - October 2014

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a happy Wasp. She was so because she had dreams of grandeur and Hope was her middle name. No matter the circumstances she always thought there was a way to make things better and she believed that if she puts her mind to it, she could do anything. And so the hopeful Wasp always performed every task she gave herself with a vengeance. And that was exactly the trick, only the tasks ‘she gave herself’. You see, most of the time, the little Wasp was quite lazy compared to the other insects surrounding her. And most of them would look at her in disbelief when she was dozing off in a flower while they were working hard and long hours. But from time to time, she’d stir from her happy reveries and work twice as hard and twice as fast as the other insects. And since it was pretty impressive, they didn’t kick her out of the insect realm, but it was quite hard for anyone to accept that no orders could be given to the little buzzing creature. It was always her own way, and only when she decided it.

The little Wasp was quite delighted that she gained such freedom, but she saw that it came with a price. Some insects would be angry at her because she didn’t listen to them. Others would be jealous because they couldn’t achieve what she could in such a short period of time. But mostly, they just didn’t understand why she didn’t want to work like all of them did.

And the little Wasp didn’t have an answer to that. All she knew was that she could only do things when she felt an impulsion: ‘This is what I need to do now.’ And that was all. The rest of the time the hopeful Wasp would enjoy the Sun’s company. She would buzz about and play with the shades and light streaming through the leaves or flower petals, or she would find a soft cushioned daisy to rest on and take the sunrays in.

Petrin, Prague - August 2014

Sometimes, as she was lying there, she would talk to the sun. “I don’t really care what they all think and say anyway, she’d tell him, one day I’ll be as independent as any other Wasp and go my own way. Maybe I’ll even come see you if I feel like it.” And so she sought the comfort of loneliness and didn’t see any other way than to only work for her independence for when the time would come.

When the time finally did come, she couldn’t believe it. She hadn’t been the best, but she had still managed to make it through, and just like any other Wasp her age, it was time for her to find her own path.

And the first thing she did when she was finally, completely, on her own was talk to the Sun. She asked him how she could shine as bright as him, shine a light that made everyone see, and everything grow, because without the Sun, nothing would be.

But the Sun’s only response was: “It gets lonely at the top.”

Well that didn’t scare Wasp one bit. She knew what lonely meant didn’t she? She was so hungry for his knowledge, she was ready for any challenge. And since she didn’t fit in the insect Realm anyway, she thought this was her calling.

La Canourgue, France - October 2014So she studied what made the Sun so special. How to enlighten all things, how to touch everyone, how to create everything. She knew it was a long way to the top but, like I said, she performed every task with a vengeance.

One day that she was being as studious as ever, Butterfly fluttered next to her. And Butterfly was very intrigued by Wasp’s industrious work. So Wasp stopped for a minute to speak with Butterfly and showed her what she was doing. Butterfly thought it was all very exciting, but why was Wasp so serious about it all?

“Because it is no small task my friend.” Answered the Wasp.

“I don’t know what you mean, answered the colourful insect, I grow and change all the time but I don’t make it so hard on myself. Do you think that shifting from a cocoon is a small task? Let me tell you it is not! But I believe that transformation doesn’t have to traumatic, it can occur gently, sweetly, and joyfully.”

Butterfly had a point thought the little Wasp. And so she thought she might try it her way…

Saint-Chely du Tarn, France - October 2014


To be Continued…


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