The Wasp and the Sun. Part II


And then one day Wasp was observing the undergrowth of all things (find out why she was doing this in Part I here). She was having a hard time as she was not used to so little light. But still there was light, and so she saw joy in the smallest sparkle reflecting on tiny hailstones. But something was moving under the dead leaves. And Wasp saw two long antennas sticking out and reaching for the wee bits of light.

Les Gorges du tarn, France - october 2014

And that is when she met Cockroach. “Ew” thought the Wasp as she saw him emerging. But as Cockroach paid no attention to the bright colored Wasp and scurried away past her, she thought it odd and decided to follow him.

“What are you running away from?” asked the inquisitive Wasp.

“You.” Answered the crawling bug.

“What? But I haven’t done anything to you, I don’t even know you!” replied the outraged Wasp.

“Ah yes, yes, but I know you. You are all charming and fluttering and bright, but at the first sign of fear: Bzzz! You sting.”

“Is that so? Well tell me how to adapt to any situation and survive like you, and I might not be afraid and sting anymore.”

“Adapting and surviving I know very well indeed, and that is exactly what I am doing right now, I’m running away from the danger that you are! But although I can see you are trying, you can hardly run away from yourself now can you Wasp?”

And just like that Wasp was left to ponder. Like a pondering thing. With wings. And a sting.


Les Gorges du Tarn, France - October 2014

And that is when she heard a whistle. It was a peaceful melody that echoed through the leaves and bounced off the flowers, it was Spider weaving her web of fate. Wasp carefully flew to Spider and asked her what she was singing about. And Spider answered hanging upside down from a single almost invisible thread: “It’s a message for the ones who fail to see the expansiveness of the eternal plan. You see, I wove and still weave the dream of the world, and yet I am but a Spider. Every living being should remember that they are infinite and will continue to weave the patterns of life and living throughout time.”

And Wasp saw the light of the Sun being caught in the morning dew of Spider’s web and how pretty it was. Just like the light reflecting off Butterfly’s multiple colors. And just like the little light Cockroach saved to be able to see anywhere he went.


And then Wasp noticed that she wasn’t so lonely anymore. And that light bounced off her Yellow frame just like every other insects and yet in its own special way. And it was only because all of them existed that the Sun was able to carry its light everywhere and anywhere. And so it wasn’t because everyone was different from her that they couldn’t be her family. But quite the contrary, it takes all shapes and sizes to create a beautiful puzzle.

And so she said to the Sun: “Ok you win. I don’t want to be like you anymore. I don’t want to be lonely. But how do I do this?”

And the Sun replied: “You don’t do anything. Like attracts like. Just be who you are, calm and clear and bright. Automatically, as you shine who you are, asking yourself every minute is this what I really want to do, doing it only when you answer yes, automatically that turns away those who have nothing to learn from who you are, and attracts those who do, and from whom you have to learn, as well.”

And with those words, Wasp happily buzzed to her new found friends, who had just taught her so much in so little time.

La Canourgue, France - october 2014

The End.


XoXo – From Sunny Praha with Love


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