The Butterfly Effect.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Once upon a time, in a plentiful land far away lived a herd of horses. Some of them where brown, some of them were black and some of them were grey. Sometimes they splashed about in rivers, sometimes they raced, and sometimes they played together. Only one of them did not. Only one was white. And because he was such, because he was the only one, White Horse was always warned to take care of his coat. He did not splash about, he did not roll over in the dust and he took care of racing in the mud. He did not race at all if he could help it to be honest. He did not mind though because he thought he was so lucky to be so bright, to be so white, his fellow horses envied him. He saw some of them, like the Grey Horse, trying to turn their coat as white as his by using an array of tricks. But they could never manage. Zipper in the sunset_effectedAnd so White Horse lived curating his special coat. Being careful in everything he did became part of him. And showing off his bright colour became part of who he was. He never even thought of the possibility that he might not be a careful horse or a show off. But the look of envy or admiration of others never made him doubt a second. Time went by and White Horse meet new studs and mares, and eventually became part of a new herd. The horses of that herd had exactly the same expectations of White Horse, or so he thought. For him to be bright and admirable. And yet. This didn’t feel enough anymore for White Horse. Something was eating at him, and he felt himself to become more and more edgy. Worse, he felt easily irritable and tempestuous. I don’t think he understood that at the time he was trying to protect something that he thought was nature’s gift but in truth were other’s expectations and his interpretations of them. And so an internal battle was taking place, though he did not know what each side was fighting for. One day that he was weary and not a thing in sight was bringing him happiness, the Wind had a bright idea on how to wake White Horse’s courage up. She blew strong and whispered in his ears. “Let’s have an experiment shall we?” said she. The horse, who was definitely ready for change, followed the wind’s indication. As soon as he heard her words, it was as if he could not live one moment longer without trying this experiment out, and so he sought the reddest, stainiest earth possible. And when he found it, he, simply, rolled in it. He tossed and turned, making sure he was entirely stained and his white coat completely ruined, and the fun it procured him was unimaginable.


Something he thought he could never do before, all of a sudden became something he wanted to repeat.When he came back to his herd, some were shocked. The gasps where numerous. Some said he wasted nature’s gift to him, some said it was MUCH better now than it used to be. All Red Horse did was smile in return, not caring at all anymore about other’s expectations, or more accurately, his interpretations of them. And then the most shocking reaction, was the one of a new fellow horse, who… Hadn’t noticed the change. And right there and then, Red Horse valued his friendship so much more. Because he understoodthat superficial appearances had no effect on him, and thus they became navajo_effected

And so Red horse, was beginning to comprehend what was truly his personality and what he had taken for his own when it wasn’t. And his newly re-defined personality, on top of drawing in other good-natured horses, brought out sensibilities in others that used to act superficial. The wind, observing the changes slowly taking place smiled and whispered once more to Red Horse: “See the differences? See what a small change can turnover very big things?” And Red horse thought: “The flapping wings of a butterfly can create a tornado.” And so the wind continued to blow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA XoXo – From the magical breeze with Love.


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