A Tale of Three Leopards.

Blue Mountains - Australia May 2014

Once upon a time in a land far away, across the seven lands and across the seven seas live three little boys. One day the three little blonde heads went for a walk into the woods. It was a nice forest, in bloom and all, where they would gallop about and pick up things here and there.

But that day, something different would happen. They took a turn after the big pine tree and found themselves face to face with two Leopards. One yellow and one black. Now this was a very scary sight for the first boy, who immediately felt like there was nothing else to do but for all of them to run away. The second boy was perplexed. Scared, he felt he was unable to make a decision and looked towards the first boy. The third one on the other hand, felt as much fear as curiosity but the second feeling took over the first. And he was thinking of ways he could approach the two magnificent creatures without them feeling threatened or turning himself into their diner.

yellow leopard

While that third boy was calmly thinking and remembering times he had seen someone use techniques to approach wild beasts, the first one let fear take over him and ran away. Yellow Leopard took notice and seeing how the second boy hesitated to run in that very same direction, he became his first victim. The third boy, watching the scene, could only hope that the first blonde head managed to save himself, but blamed him at the same time. Because in running away, he had cursed all of them to the same fate. Or so he thought.

The third boy was about to follow in their footsteps when he crossed the gaze of the black Leopard. And as he did so, he felt all the strength and the power within the glistening pupils of the animal. It was hard for him to tear himself away.Black Leopard - http://wwf.worldwildlife.org/

But he did. In running away though, he quickly came to a halt when he felt a sharp pain run through his left paw.

His paw?

Yes his paw. He lifted it up and removed the big thorn he had stepped on with his teeth.

And that’s when he noticed. He had turned himself into a Leopard as well. And a little thorn in his paw wasn’t going to stop him. As he felt how unlimited his resources were and the renewal of his power, he took the decision to face his fear head on and turned back to look at the other Panther.

“Game on.”

Snow-Leopard-Wallpaper - http://newhtcphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Snow-Leopard-Wallpaper-hd.jpg

The End.


Xoxo – From the dreamtime with Love.


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