Heya, my name is Stella. I’ve just recently moved to Australia’s famous Bondi beach after studying journalism and working in my home country, France, for the past 6 years. I grew up in various parts of the world (i.e. Canada and Asia) and have decided to settle in Aussieland on a hunch. I now work part-time in a surf shop on the beach, embracing the Bondi lifestyle, and part time doing PR for a production company, to keep in touch with my first love and practice communication.

Having travelled a bit, settling down alone in an unknown country with its social rules and cultural differences have been more of a challenge than expected. The journey has been full of surprises; pleasant and unpleasant, and I thought I could share some of my quirky experiences with you guys.

Stories, tips, places to go to, lifestyles and everyday life… this is what you can expect!

Hope you enjoy it and wether you do or don’t and feel like you need to express yourself as well, the comments are here for that 🙂

Cheers people xx