Workout like a Princess.


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It’s not because I don’t live by the beach anymore that I’ve stopped working out. In fact one of my first buys when I moved into my new flat in Praha was a foam mat. A pink one of course. … Continue reading

Three Big Bad Wolves. Part II


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After a long while of showing how charming he was, the Big Bad Wolf finally had young Red under his spell (read why he wanted that in Part I here). But every so often, the charm would break and the … Continue reading

Three Big Bad Wolves. Part I


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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, actually in three different lands very far from each other, lived three Big Bad Wolves. One Big Bad Wolf lived in the Mountain, he was the wittiest out of the … Continue reading

The Viking, the White Tiger and the Mermaid. Part II


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The Viking Mermaid was enchanted (Read why in Part I here). She fluttered and spun in the Ocean and discovered places that were beautiful beyond her imagination. There were more sights than her bright eyes could see and more creatures … Continue reading

Walk Away.


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  “I take it you’re staying in Prague at least until autumn?” Was what my mom asked me yesterday when she called me. “Looks like it. But hey you know me, I might book a plane ticket at the first … Continue reading

Love. Murder. Songs.


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I’ve been wanting to write about Garrett Kato for about a year and a half now. We arrived in Byron Bay on a humid day in early march 2013. I was ecstatic. I remembered how my dad used to love … Continue reading