Amazing and Lush Red Velvet Brownie with Coconut frosting.


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The other day was Leona’s birthday. As my new Czech friend and future roommate I really wanted to make something special. Although integration in Praha has been so incredibly natural and fast, I always feel that food brings people together. Without … Continue reading

Soul of fireflies.


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The farm life is definitely not turning out to be what I expected. It feels like… Being on holiday at your grandparent’s place with a couple of cousins. Yes that’s exactly the feeling. And with a South American substitute grandfather … Continue reading

Torta Chocolate Humeda. (Or humid chocolate cake)


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The cake is made in 3 phases. First start with the base, once it’s cooled down, start the “humid” phase. Once the cake has absorbed it all, start phase 3. You can choose to do that last bit just on … Continue reading