The Little Princess. Part II


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The little Princess didn’t mind one bit being sent to her Grandmother’s Palace (Read why she’s sent there in the first place in Part I here). Not only did she think it was the most beautiful Palace in the whole wide world, … Continue reading

The Little Princess. Part I


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Once upon a time, in kingdom far far away, in a land that was forever Summertime, lived a little Princess. That little Princess lived in beautiful Castle, with her mother, the Queen, her father, the King and her sister and … Continue reading

Walk Away.


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  “I take it you’re staying in Prague at least until autumn?” Was what my mom asked me yesterday when she called me. “Looks like it. But hey you know me, I might book a plane ticket at the first … Continue reading

Love. Murder. Songs.


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I’ve been wanting to write about Garrett Kato for about a year and a half now. We arrived in Byron Bay on a humid day in early march 2013. I was ecstatic. I remembered how my dad used to love … Continue reading

The Princess is the Frog.


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I haven’t made a frog and princess analogy in a while, but now the time seems appropriate to bring the fairy-tale back. And I was thinking, what if… Roles were reversed? Like, completely. I know the Princess is supposed to … Continue reading

Lost Stars.


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When we were 16, Lib wrote a post about me on her blog. 9 years later I think it’s high time for me to repay the favor. “We were talking about it with a mate, and we thought how strange … Continue reading

Coming up Roses.


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I can’t leave Prague. What is it about this city that I just cannot get enough of? If I thought I was in love with life before, this has brought love to a whole new level. Looking back on my … Continue reading