The Runaway. A Tinderella story.


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Once upon a time, in a beautiful enchanted city lived a young maiden going by the name of Ella. No, not Cinderella, but simply Ella. You could say many things about her, perception is but in the eye of the beholder. … Continue reading

The Viking, the White Tiger and the Mermaid. Part I


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Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away in a land that was often Wintertime lived a Viking Princess. The problem with that Viking Princess was that she hated the Cold. And although her blood should be used … Continue reading

The Princess is the Frog.


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I haven’t made a frog and princess analogy in a while, but now the time seems appropriate to bring the fairy-tale back. And I was thinking, what if… Roles were reversed? Like, completely. I know the Princess is supposed to … Continue reading

The Game


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That word has gained a com.ple.tely new meaning for me in the last couple of weeks. I have to admit, I never would have guessed that my internship could change my view on life-related matters. But it did. When I … Continue reading