The Little Princess. Part II

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The little Princess didn’t mind one bit being sent to her Grandmother’s Palace (Read why she’s sent there in the first place in Part I here). Not only did she think it was the most beautiful Palace in the whole wide world, but also she would spend all her time reading books and playing with the multitude of stuffed Animals her beloved Grandmother showered her with.

The King’s mother was a worldwide respected Queen and the little Princess looked up to her like no one else in her family. Queen G, as she was called, adored her little granddaughter and was delighted to introduce her to the world of beautiful things, Theater, Opera, Gowns and Shoes and dark Chocolate. Lots and lots of it. And when the little one fell asleep in the pink bedroom that was assigned to her, there she really felt like a full grown Princess.

Alfons Mucha - the lookThe ever so poised and classy Queen G wasn’t much of a communicator either though. I guess that ran into every bloodline of this Royal family. But she did give the little Princess a way to quench her knowledge by showing her how to love books. Funnily enough, the child’s favourite books were a series of comics in which a poor lonesome cowboy roams the wild wild west with only his white horse as a companion. And the little Princess wished she could be a cowboy, or girl, and talk to her White Horse. Or maybe the White Horse could talk to her about how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover her own Freedom and Power.

And when she was done reading or re-reading, she played with her huge Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard’s Silence and Alertness reminded her very much of her Granny G.

But, unlike the little Princess’ mother, Queen G always answered the questions she was asked. “Why didn’t you marry again Granny? Is it because you are too old?” The little Princess bit her tongue as she said those last words, was she being Mean again? Unexpectedly, Queen G smiled at her and replied: “No, it’s because I have never found a man I loved as much as I have loved your Grandfather.” The little Princess thought it was beautiful. But sad at the same time because her Grandfather had passed away a long looooong time ago and she thought her Grandmother must be very lonely in her gigantic Castle by herself. She also wondered about her own parents. But she doubted that this King and Queen had that kind of love. In fact, she was quite certain that if they ever separated, she wouldn’t think it odd.

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At the end of her stay with her Grandmother, she was permitted to take one and only one stuffed animal with her (I think the grandmother was scared that if the child took all her toys with her, she would have no reason to come back. Little did she know that no toys in the world could compare to whom she really wanted to see, her Grandmother herself). The little Princess chose to take the Duck. Because no one can bring Emotional Comfort and Protection like Duck can.

And the little Princess slept with her stuffed Animal until she came to be sixteen. That is about the time when her father the King found out that his mantra wasn’t true. He found out that “people can change if they want to.” And it seems, he wanted to.

The king had finally understood that he wasn’t happy in his life, in his Royal family or even his Kingdom. And the decision he took changed not only his own life and the Queen’s, but also his youngest Princess’ future, as she was the only one too young to have flown out of the nest yet…


To Be Continued…

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