The Little Princess. Part III

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd so what the little Princess had predicted years and years ago arrived, The King and Queen separated.

And, as predicted, the young Princess wasn’t sad about it. She wasn’t sad no, she felt a bit… Weird… Everything she knew and grew up with was crumbling down. She didn’t really know how to be or how to act because no one had taught her. And let’s face it, being proper according to her Royal Mother didn’t leave much wiggling room when something as trivial as Change could occur.

But what did depress her was the thought that she was being sent to live alone in the Middle of Nowhere with her mother, the Queen, while her father was off to run another Kingdom.

Little did she know that that was nothing. Nothing at all compared to the despair she felt when she found out, not so long after, that her Grandmother G had been sick and had passed away.

AlfonsMucha sleep

This time, the young Princess did not know how to deal with so much pain in her heart. That hurt, that void, how could anything ever make it better?

It dawned on her that the loss of a grandparent is only the natural course of the world and that a lot of people her age were dealing with it probably much better than she was. But Queen G was the only woman in her life she respected and admired. How was she to become a woman and future Queen herself if she had no role model? And even though they spent most time in silence, just the fact that she was present was something, if not everything for the little Princess.

And right there she knew the second mantra she had been brought up with was just another lie as well. If she could feel and understand that amount of pain, that feeling that everything and anything she knew was slipping away, that any sort of human or moral support was gone, that she, in fact was alone in this world, then she clearly wasn’t “too young” to understand anything at all.

And that is when her heart went numb. There was no more hope. No more tenderness. Not even a tiny bit of imagination left in the young Princess’ heart. It was as if she was becoming a shadow and the Wind was scattering her away.

Alfons Mucha - child and spirit

When she let herself think, she thought of her father. Right before the King left, he had taken some time to spend alone with his youngest daughter. And there had been this unique moment when he spoke of his own father and how he passed away when the young King was only seventeen. And right there, for the first time in her life, she heard some emotion in her father’s voice. As tears were trickling down the King’s eyes, the young Princess did the unthinkable. She stood up and went to sit on her father’s lap to give him a hug. Instinctively she thought that no word she could use would ever make the memory of his pain go away, and as much as she wished it so, nothing she could do would bring her Grandfather back. But, maybe, hopefully, and with the help of a simple touch, her father could see that she, she was there, and she loved him that much more. Because what kind of man could grow up to be half of what he was without a father figure at such a young age? A very strong and wise King is what she thought.

The souvenir of this instant undoubtedly gave her courage and strength. If her father could deal with much more loss than she could fathom, than surely she could deal with the changes shaking up her world. But just that thought made her feel even lonelier as her father was so far away now.

north star

Thankfully, before she was being sent to the Middle of Nowhere, she was invited to spend some time in her father’s new Kingdom. And that is when the Fairy Stepmother showed up in the young Princess’ life for the first time. And the Fairy embraced the young Princess as if she had known her her whole life. And who knows, maybe she had. The young Princess was very unfamiliar with such warmth but she thought she could get used to it very easily. Then she looked upon the King standing next to the Fairy and she thought she had never seen him such a happy and glowing man.

And right there and then she saw it. Love. Sincere, undying, bright and clear Love.

She never really thought much of the word before. It was such a vague idea in her imagination. She even believed she would probably never know Love in her life, or why would she even want to if love was what her parents the King and Queen had when they were together?

But this time it was right there before her eyes, so blatant and obvious. The young Princess’ heart was starting to feel things again.

Kaheli_1Unlike anyone else she ever had in her life, the Fairy Stepmother loved to talk. So little by little, as she was warming up to her, the young Princess asked her all her questions. And the more answers she got, the more questions bubbled up inside of her. And with every question answered, pieces of puzzle inside her heart found each other and made sense. The Fairy and the young Princess would spend hours and hours just talking. How wonderful and new all this was to the young one.

At one point the young Princess realized, when they were bonding, especially if the King was there as well, it wasn’t just them in the room, it wasn’t just the people she could see. Queen G and her husband also had their say in the conversations.

And that is when the Fairy taught the young Princess how to see with her heart, how to feel her Grandparents when they where around and ask for their guidance if they were not. So the young Princess felt and asked and the more she tried, the better and stronger she felt their presence. And that was one of her first learnings of this world, she was never really alone if she didn’t want to be.

And if not so long ago the Princess found out she wasn’t too young to understand pain and misery, she now knew she could certainly give Love and Happiness a go.


RB quote - butterfly

The End.


XoXo – From the Bohemian Castle filled with Incredible Souls with Undying Love.



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